PowRyte 500025 Elite 21-Degree Round Head Air Framing Nailer – 2-inch to 3-1/2-Inch

It is the dream of every Construction professional to have a tool that guarantees the safety, quality and time and cost saving. There is a host of products and tools that eliminate the necessity to rely on hammers when nailing but none comes close to the quality and reliability of a framing nailer. As opposed to typical nail guns that push for precision, framing nailers offer high-power for quick applications. No matter what you are working on, a large construction or a simple fixing around your home, framing nailers are the best options and in particular, the POWRYTE 500025 ROUND HEAD AIR FRAMING NAILER.

POWRYTE 500025


If there is ever a framing nailer capable of multiple applications, then Powryte round head air nailer is the way to go. Its application specification stretches far and wide incorporating, framing, decking, sheathing, repair of pallets, siding & strapping and assembly of crates and boxes. With the POWRYTE 500025 ELITE, even the most complex of projects becomes a simple, easy task. Its driving capacity is designed for Plastic Collated Full-Head nails.

The specifications with this tool make it a must-have for every professional and even amateur DIYer around the globe. It is characterized by a selective actuation feature that facilitates easy switching from sequential to contact firing. Moreover, it comes with tool-free depth adjustment ability that enhances ease, particularly when applying different materials.


  • Operating Air Pressure: 70-120 PSI
  • Type of nail: Plastic Collated 21� Full Head
  • Fastener Gauge: 0.113″ -0.131″Shank
  • The capacity of the magazine: 60 Fasteners
  • Length of Fasteners: 2 to 3-1/2 inches
  • Air Inlet: 1/4″ -18 NPT

Also included:

  • Oil bottle with oil
  • Safety glasses
  • User manual
  • Allen Wrenches
  • 1/4inch Male Plug


PowRyte 21-Degree Round Head Framing Nailer has passed the test as one of the few if not the only that enables you to use it in a variety of applications ranging from framing, sheathing, repair of pallets and subflooring. Gone are the days where a hammer was the sole point of solace for any framing job and if the PowRyte Round Head Nailer is anything to go by, so is the purchase of numerous tools to do particular jobs. With this framing gun, you can do a host of activities without necessarily requiring a particular tool for each task.

Its considerable weight and non-slip rubber grip feature allow the user to go for long periods maintaining the same grip without soreness or numbness.


One outstanding feature of the ELITE 21-DEGREE ROUND HEAD AIR FRAMING NAILER is the ability to switch fire modes from sequential to contact by a single switch flip. If that does not define efficiency and convenience, then the tool-free depth adjustment especially when applying dissimilar materials will do it. Coupling, especially with your compressor, has been eased through 1/4-inch NPT fitting.


Imagine effectively accomplishing multiple tasks with a single tool with ease and no compromise to quality. Amazing isn’t it? With POWRYTE 500025 ELITE 21-DEGREE ROUND-HEAD AIR FRAMING NAILER, that thought ceases to be a theory and becomes a reality and at a considerable price, it would be hard to imagine going back to the era of using a hammer for any nailing task.


POWRYTE happens to be among the few brands to offer their clients a considerable warranty period for their products which is a testament to the quality assurance the tool offers you. The nailer comes with a limited 2 year money-back guarantee, 30-day return or exchange policy and comprehensive customer support assistance for any queries or concerns.


  • Choice of selecting between trigger modes (sequential and contact)
  • Tool-Free Depth Adjustment for precision
  • Hardened claw tip: for minimal toe-nail slippage & lessened wear particularly on its nose
  • Dry-fire lockout feature: facilitates motor life extension
  • Open nose design: user can easily access and clear jammed nails
  • Safety glass
  • Non-slip rubber grips for comfort


  • The framing nailer does not completely exhaust the set of nails in the magazine and requires reloading with several nails left


Whether it is for a major project, home application or just construction as a hobby or recreation, you need a tool that will guarantee quality and save both time and manpower. If quality with least possible manpower and energy all at a considerable price is what you are looking for, then POWRYTE 500025 ELITE 21-DEGREE ROUND-HEAD AIR FRAMING NAILER is the best framing nailer for you.