Dewalt DW325PL Review 2021 – { Read This Before Buying}

Choosing the right nailer has always been a tedious task. With numerous brands available in the market it becomes quite difficult to select the one right for the job. The DIY market has set the market on fire with various cheap and high end brands in the market. Each nailer is available with some prominent feature to beguile the customer. Along with features price is another factor that governs the choice to a considerable extent. Looking at high prices people seldom go for cheaper or faux brands and compromise with the quality and finesse of the work. A right nailer not only makes the job easy for you but also produces a quality result at your end. Hence, it is quite imperative to select the nailer which suits you best in every way.

DEWALT has been a leading name in terms of nailers. The nailers from DEWALT are generally sturdy and designed specially to suit your needs. DW325PL model from the DEWALT is 3-1/4 Inch 21 Degree Plastic Collated Framing Nailer which is kept lightweight and compact for easier handling. Apart from being lightweight, the nailer is packed with high power to suit your tough tasks. A professional framing nailer in the arena it is suitable for both experienced and beginners. The device is a combination of user friendly features and powerful performance. So, if you are thinking of trying your hands on the device then we have provided a thorough review to make the task tad easier at your end.

Let’s have a look what this nailer offers:

Features of the Dewalt DW325PL:

  • Lightweight, yet sturdy.
  • Compact and well balanced, hence perfect for extended use.
  • Good for both professionals and hobbyists.
  • Selected firing system.
  • A powerhouse when comes to performance.
  • An internal air filter extends the tool life by protecting internal components.
  • Tool free depth adjustment allows precise countersinking of nails quickly and easily.
  • Convenient nail retention magnet prevents the last nail from dropping out before use.

Dewalt DW325PL

Now, let’s dig into the features this device provides:

Design and Functionality

Aesthetically speaking then DEWALT DW325PL seems like just another regular nailer but what separates this device from others within the price range is the well-balanced design. This leaves a lot of room for maneuver and the device feels good in the hand, which means it’s great for use. And that’s what you expect from a nailer. It certainly has to be easy on your hands. This device solves the problem by being lightweight in design. Even if you aren’t too savvy when it comes to handy work, using this framing nailer shouldn’t be too much of an issue at all. It is an easy device to work with. There is no room for complex features to learn before trying your hands on it. Hence, it is suitable even for the beginners.

All in all, the DEWALT DW325PL doesn’t have any major flaws when it comes to design and functionality. In fact, it seems like a well-rounded nailer featuring a few design innovations we have not really come across before. But, how does it translate to performance? After all, the performance is what matters the most.

So now, let’s talk about its performance.

Dewalt DW325PL Review


The DW325PL’s biggest virtue, when it comes to performance, is the selectable firing system. This allows for easy switching between different operations. Whether you are working on regular surfaces or engineered lumber, this framing nailer shouldn’t have any issues getting the job done properly. The only thing that could have been engineered better is the exhaust system- if you are not extra careful with it, it will end up blowing dust in your face while you work. While not a huge issue, this is certainly something to keep in mind. While working with this nailer, try to use it in a way that the exhaust is not right in front of your face.

Other than that, the DW325PL performs well in all aspects regardless of the type of surface you are working on. It’s powerful. It’s fast and it’s really easy to use.

Nail Retention System

This unique feature from the DEWALT certainly makes the DW325PL stand out from the rest. You might have experienced that the last nail of the device generally drops out even before its use. It is quite challenging to change the nail right in the middle of an urgent task. DEWALT solves this issue by bringing a nail retention system which prevents the last nail from dropping out of the framing nailer. It works by providing a nail retention magnet which holds up the nail in the device until you open it yourself to load nails.

It is indeed a relieving feature, right?

Tool-Free Depth Adjustment

Millwork is all based on the depth and its adjustment. It takes a keen eye to select a particular depth for work and adjust it accordingly. Gone are the days of panicking while changing the depth manually with every task when DEWALT has made it easy for you. The DEWALT DW325PL features a tool free depth adjustment which counterstrikes the nail quickly and easily, just like you want it. You can carry out your work in much lesser time than before with the help of tool free adjustment.

Air Filter

You certainly want to protect your nailer from dust which quite a difficult thing to do while working your hands on wood. An internal air filter provided by DEWALT makes sure to protect your device from unnecessary dust and air borne particles entering the device. The internal components of the device are highly prone to rusting and jamming because of dust. The air filter system cleans the device internally by protecting your device from unnecessary hurdles.

  • Great design
  • Ease of use
  • Lightweight
  • Fast
  • Powerful
  • Affordable
Bosch SN350 20F Cons
  • The exhaust system

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Final Verdict: Powerful, Well-Design and Slightly Flawed

The DEWALT DW325PL framing nailer is, all in all, a good product. Perhaps one of the best well-designed framing nailers we have ever come across, this nailer is incredibly easy to use and perfect for extended use. While it performs very well and gets the job done on every surface without any issues, the DEWALT DW325PL has a problem with the exhaust system. While this is not a flaw that ruins the product and overshadows all of its virtues, some users might find the inefficient exhaust system problematic. However, considering the price and all the good things about the framing nailer, we can only conclude that it is indeed a good investment.