Factory-Reconditioned Ridgid ZRR350CHE 3-1/2 in. Clipped Head Framing Nailer

Your patio is short of a wooden table and chairs. The kitchen doorway needs a new frame. Ridgid ZRR350CHE Clipped In Nailer is the renovation tool you need.

Construction tools are plenty, so you may wonder why you should choose this one. The attractive features of the Ridgid ZRR350CHE make it a valuable addition to your tool arsenal. Further, this handy nailer has other fantastic draws.

Ridgid ZRR350CHE

1. Certified Refurbished

Why balk because this is a factory-reconditioned product? The manufacturer has tested this nailer and certified that it works like new. It comes with all original accessories. As an assurance of its premium quality, Rigid absorbs the risk of buying it. The product includes a 1-year warranty.

2. Dynamic

What must you do when framing an object? Make sure the nails are secure. The Ridgid Clipped Head Framing Nailer gets the job done with a powerful motor. It drives in 31/2-in nails, tightens them and ensures that your door frame stays intact.

3. Full strike Drive System

Another standout feature of this device is Ridgid’s Full strike Drive System. The system packs the greatest power possible in every strike. It eliminates the resistance the return chamber creates. With increased air power, this tool is 16% lighter than other nailers. This device is a small but indomitable force.

4. Hex Grip Micro Feature

An accident may happen if a tool slips out of your hands. You need this device if you have sweaty palms. The Hex Grip microfeature offers a comfortable, secure grip. Drive nails for hours without breaking a sweat.

5. Dry-Fire Lockout Feature

Misfired nails are a huge annoyance. They may fit in the wrong places and can cause accidents. The Ridgid Clipped Head Framing Nailer has a Dry-Fire Lockout feature that prevents misfires. Another boon of this function is that it extends the tool’s battery life. Finish framing your doorway in record time.

6. Jam Clearing Mechanism

Jammed nails may cause a device to stop working, halt your renovations and make you tear your hair out. This tool’s jam clearing system provides relief. It gives a user easy access to remove stuck nails.

7. Rear Landing Magazine

When you are busy with a major renovation, you want an efficient nailer. The ZNN350CHE features a rear landing magazine that speeds uploading. It allows you to pack your nails in two easy steps.

8. Toe Nailing Claw

You need to drive in nails at an angle when framing edges, and this is a headache. This device’s toe nailing claw comes to the rescue. It reduces slipping and allows the tool to drive in nails with top accuracy.

9. No Mar Pad

Are you a clean freak? You need the No-Mar Pad that comes with this tool. This pad will keep your work surface free of irritating tool marks.


This factory-reconditioned nailer works like a brand new one and comes with accompanying accessories. You cannot tell that it has gone through refurbishing. With its integrated features, it trumps other nailers on the market.

It is perfect for hard-to-reach edges. Customers enjoyed that it could drive in nails at a small 21-degree angle.

Another feature customers loved was the Hex Grip. It kept the device light, allowing them to use it for hours.


Every product has qualities that you should ponder over. One possible consideration is that the ZNN350CHE is a refurbished product. However, with its outstanding features and accessories, it works better than new ones.In all, this refurbished product performs up to your expectations. With all it can do, it is a small, must-have asset.

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