Hitachi NV83A4 Coil Framing Nailer Review

Quality Standard:

star rating for framing photoshoped-horz 4 stars


Contact or sequential nailing with a flip of a switch.

Easy and fast reload.

Plastic shield.






Dimensions 14.5 x 15.8 x 6 inches
Weight 8.2 lbs.
Power source Air powered
Color Silver gray
Warranty 5 years

The famous Japanese company, Hitatchi, has produced a large number of best-selling framing nailers over the years, so it comes as no surprise that heir products are practically dominating the online eCommerce market. One of their newest models, the NV83A4 is a perfect combination of high performance and stellar design. Read our full review below to learn more about this product.

Before we begin our detailed review, let's see what it is that makes the Hitatchi NV83A4 stand out and what the technical specifications of this product are:

• Easy switch for sequential and contact nailing
• Sturdy plastic shield for deflecting wire collation
• Cylinder valve drive system
• Side-load magazine
• Weight: 8.2 pounds
• Dimensions: 14.5 x 15.8 x 6 inches
• Size: 3-1/4-inch
• Air-powered
• Professional 5-year limited warranty

Design and Functionality

Featuring modern design that combines cutting edge technology with more traditional, user-friendly features, the Hitatchi NV83A4 is an elaborate, almost professional-looking machine. One of its strongest features is the build quality - this framing nailer is meant to last and works great regardless of the conditions. The Hitatchi NV83A4 works perfectly fine without maintenance too, which is also something to be taken into consideration.

On the other hand, the build quality is reflected in the weight - this framing nailer weighs about 8.2 pounds, which is perhaps slightly more than some similar products, but every expert will tell you: It's better to buy a durable, reliable machine, even if this means it is not ultra light.

Even though it may look like a complicated, professional machine to some (and it performs like one), the Hitatchi NV83A4 is a very user-friendly product, so even inexperienced handymen should have no issues using this tool whatsoever. The side load magazine is one of this machine's strongest features, at least when it comes to design and functionality. This clever solution allows the user to reload fast and without much hassle. This means you won't have to bother with taking long breaks just to change the magazine - you can do this easily thanks to the side load magazine.


Much like previous Hitatchi models, the NV83A4 features an efficient cylinder valve system. This features enables the machine to combine powerful driving force and rapid response, resulting in unmatched all-around performance. This framing nailer is powerful, fast and gets the job done.

However, what really shines through in the performance department is the ease of use of the Hitatchi NV83A4. Not only does this machine feel good in the hand, the plastic shield ensures user safety, while the selective actuation switch allows for quick transitions between contact and sequential nailing.

Pros and Cons
• Durability
• Ease of use
• Reliability
• Power
• Great performance


• Weight

Final Verdict: A Powerful, Brilliantly Designed Framing Nailer

The Hitatchi NV83A4 is a powerful, brilliantly designed framing nailer that has a lot to offer. Starting from exceptional, user-friendly design, over a few highly functional features, to top notch performance, this machine will remain a favorite to professionals and framing contractors alike. The only downside to some could be the weight, but considering the fact that this is a reliable, durable product that should not be a problem. After all, the user-friendly design and numerous cutting edge features make the NV83A4 one of the best framing nailers we've ever gotten our hands on.