Porter-Cable FR350B Review 2023 – Must Read This Before Buying

The pneumatic framing nailer by Porter Cables’ is an ideal tool for home and commercial renovation enthusiasts. The FR350B model from the company is specifically designed according to your carpentry skills. It is light weight as well as a powerful nailer suitable for every framing job. Because of its light weight and good ergonomic grip the device can be operated at ease even for long working hours.

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The Porter-Cable FR350B 3-1/2 Inch  Framing Nailer Highlights

Porter Cable FR350B

  • A magazine capacity of 60 nails.
  • Trigger lock.
  • Jam-free design.
  • Excellent grip.
  • Adjustable exhaust.
  • Drive depth adjustment.
  • Reload alert.
  • Compatible with 2 “to 3” nails.

The FR350B Kit

  • Full round framing nailer.
  • Hex wrench.
  • Instruction manual.


Porter-Cable FR350B Review

The FR350-B is an efficient device from the Porter Cables’ suitable for both beginners and professionals. Its features render it one of a kind for renovation projects as well as tedious framing jobs. Some of the key features of the device are:


A bulkier device doesn’t imply its powerful performance. Lighter models can sometimes perform well than even the bulkier ones. Porter Cable FR350-B is such light weight yet efficient framing nailer. It weighs up to 7.3 pounds which is easy on the hands and arm. The light weight renders the device user friendly and easy to use.


For any framing project to work well the nailer has to have a good grip otherwise it directly affects the quality of the work. FR350-B comes with a good grip which does not hinder in the framing operations. The rubberized grip is specially designed for long tedious works. The grip is not loosened even by the vibrations of the device and work platform.

Nailing tool

The FR350-B model utilizes a full head nailing tool. The nailing tools used by this device are easily available in the market in varying shapes, sizes and finishes. These types of tools are mostly recommended by professionals. The nailer gun also comes with a pre-fitted ¼” air fitting compatible with most of the air compressors available in the market. It is also fitted with a dust cap so as to avert impurities from getting in the air inlet. The dust cap can also be changed according to your needs.

Depth Adjustment

The depth is needed to be adjusted according to the type of work. Sometimes the depth is needed to be changed while performing the work. Any variation in the depth can beget loss to your project. For this very reason, Porter Cable has designed a tool less depth adjustment in their model. The depth can thus be adjusted easily for proper setting of nails.


 As you know that once in a while the nailer has to be lubricated with oil for proper functioning. The lubrication may be tedious for a lot of people because it involves complete disassembling and assembling of the device. Many of the people prefer visiting a store for lubrication than doing it on their own. However, Porter Cable F350-B provides you an option to self lubricate. An air inlet located at the bottom of the nailer gun which you can easily connect to a air source set up using ¼” male plug provide. This is also an “oil daily” tool and you will have to place about 4-5 drops of air tool oil before commencing the work.

Powered compressor

Most of the nailers available in the market do not match with every air compressor. Many of them provide a compressor system along with the nailer but then they are highly priced. Finding a good budget friendly nailer with adaptable compressor system is a hard deal for professionals. Porter cable resolves this issue in its F350-B model by providing a device that can be powered with any size compressor with a tank.


Many might think that because of add on features the device might be lacking in terms of power. As it holds true for a lot of nailers available in market. Nevertheless, the F350-B model is an exception. It is a powerful device which can drive nails between 70 to 120 PSI. The power mode offered by the device is suitable for both beginners and professionals for any kind of framing project.

Trigger mode

The framing projects ask for a lot of intricacies. Some of them are delivered by one device and others by another device. You cannot buy every nailer suitable for one type of work but search for one which can do it all. The F350-B model is one of the “do-it-all” types. The trigger assembly provided by the company offers two in one feature. The trigger can work with both restrictive trigger mode and actuation mode. You can easily choose the mode of your choice with a dial. The dial switches the alternate modes up on a single push.


Another important thing while considering a nailer is its capacity to hold the nails and the type of nails it can accumulate. Most of the times the nails suitable for a particular device is not easily available in the market and thus the customer is trapped in the game of monopoly. Porter cable is unlike others. The F350-B full round nailer can hold up to 60 nails at a time. It utilizes plastic, full head collated nails of size between 2” to 3-1/2”. The depth of the drive can easily be adjusted with a wheel provided just behind the nose of the device.

 Porter-Cable FR350B Pros

  • The F350-B is light weight with weight up to 7.3 pounds which is easy to work and can be easily moved across different locations.
  • The framing tool comes with a rubberized handle that makes the grip comfortable especially for people working for long, tedious hours.
  • The trigger lock lowers any risk of misfires and enhances safety.


 Porter-Cable FR350B Cons

  • Recoiling could be challenging for some people, especially beginners.
  • it does’t work with wire coated nails, only work with plastic-collated nails

Buy it now


The Porter Cable F350-B is definitely a success story as it fulfils most of the demands by the customers. It is a reliable device which delivers every kind of framing work efficiently. This is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Shoppers opinion

Most of the reviews regarding this nailer on Amazon have been positive. The customers expressed satisfaction with the product and the quality of work provided by it. Only a couple of the customers complained about the plastic body of device which made them uncomfortable. However, by far the reports have been positive.

FAQs Related to Porter-Cable FR350B 

Q1. What is so different with F350-B as compared to F350-A?

Ans – The F350-B is the updated model of the company. Porter Cable no longer supports the F350-A model with its technical parts.

Q2. What are its nail specs?

Ans – The company recommends either 21 or 22 degree nails for the nailer.

Q3. Is a carrying case provided with the nailer?

Ans – Unfortunately no carrying case is provided by the company.

Q4. Can this drive nails 2-3/8 inch?

Ans – Yes, it can drive up to 2 to 5 inches.

Q5. What size and type of hose is needed for this device?

Ans – The normal size hose that is used with every tool equipment.

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