Nails vs Screws for Framing

nails vs screws for framing

Welcome to my article about nails vs screws for framing! When it comes to wooden housing framing, deciding between nails and screws can be tricky. So, I’ve decided to put together an article weighing the pros and cons of each so you can make the right decision. But first, a quick summary: Nails Vs Screws … Read more

Liquid Nails vs Wood Glue: The Ultimate Guide

liquid nails vs wood glue

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Jigsaw vs Circular Saw

Welcome to my article about jigsaws vs circular saws. These are two different yet common types of power saws, both with a vast array of applications for both DIYers and tradies. I decided to compare these two saws because, despite their many differences, many people get stuck choosing between them. Below I will go through … Read more

Best Wood Lathe Reviews

best wood lathe

Welcome to my review article about the best wood lathes! Below I’ll go through the different types of wood lathes available, reviews of my top 7 wood lathes, and then a bit of a buyer’s guide at the end of this article to give you more information about what to look out for when selecting … Read more

Orbital vs Sheet Sanders

orbital vs sheet sanders

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Grinders vs Sanders

grinders vs sanders

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How To Become A Carpenter Apprentice

Carpentry Apprenticeship

Are you one of those who admire the intricacies of woodwork?  Do minute details on furniture, doors and cabinets grab your attention? Then yes, you are one of those people who appreciate aesthetics. This appreciation has led the woodworking industry on a hike because more and more people are driven towards decorating their home or … Read more

Best Guide On How To Use Carpentry Tools

Carpentry tools and their uses

Wondering what are some common carpentry tools and their uses? We’ll go through the top 13 tools every carpenter needs for their work, and the use of each tool. But first, let’s discuss exactly what a carpentry tool is in the first place. Carpentry Tools and Their Uses – Introduction There is a famous saying, … Read more