How To Become A Carpenter Apprentice

Are you one of those who admire the intricacies of woodwork?  Do minute details on furniture, doors and cabinets grab your attention? Then yes, you are one of those people who appreciate aesthetics. This appreciation has led the woodworking industry on a hike because more and more people are driven towards decorating their home or an office with beautifully crafted furniture. From selecting the door to desk and chair everything is selected with certain awareness.

Carpentry is slowly emerging as a bright option for students who dream of a future in woodworking. Gone is the era when carpenters had to sell their items in the market and deal with the constant bargaining. In the era of computers and internet carpenters can sell most of their items online at affordable prices. They can even choose to join a club and showcase their items as well as the website for people to know. A skilled carpenter is admired by everyone. The only skill you should learn is to sell yourself that is, impress people with your talent and make them believe in you. The idea is to connect more and more people with you and market yourself wisely.  So, if you are thinking of creating a future in carpentry then here is everything you should know:

Carpentry Apprenticeship

How To Become A Carpenter Apprentice – Introduction

Carpentry was considered not a good option for a successful career. However, the time has changed and people are beginning to appreciate the art of carpentry as well as creating a future in it. If you are ready to be consistent throughout the journey then carpentry can be a best choice for you. This unusual career offers you a bright future depending on your talent, will and patience. You should keep one thing in mind that carpentry is unlike other courses. The other courses ask you to attend lectures, prepare notes, attend college regularly and write an exam. Passing an examination is considered equivalent to qualification while so is not the case with carpentry. It asks for dedication and patience. Any slight interference or distraction in the work can ruin a masterpiece or even result in a serious injury. So, concentration is the key which can get you to places. This might sound a bit difficult in the beginning but you can reach heights under proper guidance. The best way to find guidance is work as an apprentice under a master woodworker. He will not only teach you the intricacies related to the work but also enrich your knowledge.

The recent rise in the carpentry industry has made it difficult to find a master. However, few of the carpentry masters have set up schools where you can get admission and go over a course on it. The course is designed so as to keep a balance between the theory and practical. Although woodworking is all about practical work but before trying your hands on the wood you should know the basics and the correct way to implement them. So, rather than working under a woodworker why not join a carpentry school and go through a professional training?

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Career Requirements for Carpentry Apprenticeship

An apprentice carpenter works under a proper guidance, learning all the necessary skills through on-the-job training. The trainings include blueprint reading, fundamental carpentry skills, mathematics and construction safety. The apprentice is also paid during the course of time. The admission in carpentry apprenticeship does not ask for special career requirements, like:

  1. Degree Level: High school, Diploma or equivalent.
  2. Experience:
  3. Key Skills: Attention to detail, problem solving, strength, stamina, hand-eye coordination.

Woodworking apprenticeship


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Steps to Get Carpentry Apprenticeship

Now, you have made your decision clear regarding the apprenticeship and the next thing to do is actually getting an admission in a carpentry school. Here are the steps which help you in making the dream come true:

  1. Obtain a high school, diploma or equivalent certification:

Carpentry apprenticeship like I said earlier does not ask for many qualifications but you should at least have basic qualification in your hand. A high school or diploma certificate is considered for admission. So, make sure that you perform well in your high school or diploma course. Focus more on the mathematics, drafting and carpentry. A high school level is optimum to understand the basics during the apprenticeship. If you wish to join the school as soon as after your graduation then the carpentry schools also make that possible. Some programmes allow high school students who are close to graduation to start their apprenticeship on promise of receiving a diploma.

  1. Go through a formal apprenticeship programme:

The good news about getting an admission in the apprenticeship is that it is sponsored and monitored by the U.S. government. The United States Department of Labor has made a special office for registering apprenticeship. Registered apprenticeship has its own benefits. It allows the students to get to know the job skills. Carpenters are among the highest users of this programme. The carpentry apprenticeship programme offers a paycheck along with hands-on training. In some of the cases, if you are competent enough then the employer might even pay for the apprentice to take college courses or to earn a bachelor’s or an associate degree. It entirely depends on your talent and how wisely you demonstrate it.

  1. Gain Experience:

There is no substitute for experience. The apprenticeship programme itself gives you a hand-on training which provides you a wide experience in the woodworking. The programme usually takes about 3-4 years to complete after which carpenters become skilled and experienced. Exposure to wide variety of projects provides a knowledge needed to become a contractor or supervisor. It is advised to learn English or Spanish for the advancement of the course. So, ask questions, engage yourself in different work activities, observe the minute details and keep enriching your knowledge.

How Long is the Carpentry Apprenticeship?

The carpentry apprenticeship takes around 3-4 years to complete. It involves both theoretical and practical training to turn you into a skilled carpenter. By the end of the course, you will find yourself more skilled, trained, confident and competent to work than others. The paycheck also aids in boosting the confidence of the students. The only thing to make sure during the programme is to stay dedicated and put your best in the practical sessions. These practical sessions will shape you and help you in the longer run.

How Much Can You Earn With a Carpentry Apprenticeship?

So, the entire journey comes down to only question, how much am I going to earn from it? According to a 2012 report, a carpenter makes around $44,500 per year on average with an average pay of $21.40 per hour. Most of the eminent and renowned carpenters earn around $35.00 per hour which is quite a handsome earning. The reports also reveal that the lowest grade of a carpenter earns around $12.00 per hour. A carpentry apprentice makes around 35 to 50% of the amount that a professional carpenter makes which is not bad either because you are earning money in your learning phase. A skilled carpenter can earn up to $35.00 per hour or more depending on your talent and experience.

The job of an industrial carpenter is however not as easy as it seems. It requires you to put your best in every situation. The corporate companies only hire the individuals on a long term basis who show the capability to put their best into it. Other options include working as a professional carpenter at art homes or working as a freelancer on hourly basis.

Woodworking learning equipment

What are the Basic Tools To Get Started?

Of course, carpentry is nothing without tools. As a carpenter, you will have to try your hands on variety of tools and equipment. Some of the tools are expensive and are not affordable for everyone. However, you do not have to lose hopes because these high-end tools are also available in used conditions. As an apprentice you are going to make tons of mistakes and investing on an expensive tool might cause you problems. You Can check our guide to basic carpentry tools and their uses.

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