Carpentry Apprenticeship

Carpentry learning

Have you ever wondered how much carpentry apprenticeship time took to make the beautiful wooden wardrobe that you use every day? Or how the minute designs and layers were made on the edge of your wooden bed? Or maybe even the beautiful front door of your house which you proudly open every day? They are all so perfect, aren’t they? Well, these were all possible because of an experienced and skilled woodworker. And as the time is advancing, quality woodwork is being appreciated all over the country as the sense of beauty has become more prominent among the common mass.

Carpentry Apprenticeship

We appreciate aesthetics more than ever and this has led to the rise of the revolution of carpentry. Starting from the door to the fence of your house, it is the woodwork that makes your house look so complete than anyone else and if you consider your office, it is also not an exception to this. The desk that you work on is beautiful only because it was made by a skilled woodworker that spent a great deal of energy in his carpentry apprenticeship. So you see, woodwork is almost everywhere in our life and any good work is always appreciated.
There have been new options opening up for carpentry and selling the furniture online. The internet has made the job much easier for carpenters since they do not have to physically wait for the customers anymore. The beautifully handcrafted masterpieces that they make are sold like hotcakes by utilizing the online market. To be quite frank, a skilled carpenter always has a high value everywhere. If you can manage to impress people through your work, it would not take much time for your talent to spread around the corners. But keep in mind that your work would also be appreciated. Due to the open market these days, carpentry has seen a new birth and if you believe that you have the required skill set of a carpenter or even have the capability of creating new designs for wooden furniture, woodworking apprenticeship might be the career you are looking to dedicate your life to. It just might be the one way you can turn something you love into something you can make a living from. Today we would take a look a bit deeper into the world of carpentry learning and various sides of it. Hopefully, this article would help you make up your mind and bring you a step closer to your woodworking expertise.

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Woodworking apprenticeship

As the saying goes- ‘Rome was not built in a day’, skilled carpentry is not like a course in a college where you complete the syllabus and sit for an exit test where if you pass, you are considered to be qualified. Rather carpentry requires a lot of practice and dedication. In order to become a carpenter, it requires that you provide undivided attention towards your work. Any deviation may ruin a potential masterpiece or even result in a serious injury, hence concentration is the key factor. Now all of these might sound a bit tough at first, but success doesn’t come easy. If you want to be really good at what you do, the best way is to be an apprentice under someone who is a master woodworker because he already possesses the skill. Only a master would be able to show you the right path as he is experienced in the field while apprenticeship is the only way to make yourself enriched with knowledge. Your master would also point out the flaws you have which would give you the opportunity to correct yourself and make your work more improved as time goes on.

Woodworking apprenticeship


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Fine woodworking is appreciated everywhere in the world and there is absolutely no point of doubt about this. Since the invention of carpentry, men have tried and created beautiful and fine woodworks and they are being appreciated by everyone, even after so many years. Which means, fine woodwork is a timeless creation that exists even today and would continue to do so. So being only a carpenter is not enough, you have to be really good at it. And only carpentry apprenticeship under a master of the trade can help you achieve the feat.
Now while apprenticeship under a master is always preferable. In the practical world of today, things have changed a lot and there is always a very high competition existing. In order to impart the valuable knowledge of carpentry among the maximum number of students, the master carpenters have set up schools where you can get an admission and go over a proper course on it. You would learn the theory as well as the practical part of it so you’ll be educated on all aspects. Though woodworking and carpentry are always about practical work, knowing the basics right and implementing them correctly in real life is also very important. Being knowledgeable in a bit of carpentry theory is always good. This is why if you are planning to take up carpentry as your profession, or even if you just want to learn it to quench the thirst of your knowledge, always opt for a carpentry school. This would give you a better understanding of the job and your learning would also have an official recognition. Surely its obvious that you should pay attention to the carpentry classes once you are admitted as they would give you an idea of carpentry as well as its evolution throughout the ages. You would also come to know about various famous carpenters ever lived, their creations and their way of making woodcraft. By giving you an insight into their mind, you would be able to evaluate carpentry from within yourself. These carpentry classes would also make you learn about various approaches and techniques used and how to utilize them in real life. And in order to be a skilled woodworker, you must know all them by heart as well as be able to implement them in the real life. Mere learning the lessons in the class would not help you because being hands on is very important. Once you try it out practically in your life, only then your skill would start to sharpen gradually.

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Carpentry apprenticeships prospects

Now comes another very important part of the business- the earning. By now, you must have this question in mind about the average income of a carpenter, right? According to the data available for 2012, a carpenter makes around $44,500.00 per year on average with an average pay of $21.40 per hour. According to the source, the top 10% of the carpenters make as high as $35.00 per hour which is quite a handsome earning. The data also reveals that the bottom 10% of the carpenters make around $12.00 per hour while the median earnings per hour is around $19.50. Also, a carpenter apprentice makes around 35% to 50% of the amount that a professional carpenter makes. Considering the learning phase, the amount is not bad either. At the industry level, a skilled professional carpenter can earn up to $35.00 per hour, or even more. But being employed as an industrial carpenter is not easy as you need to be the best of the best as well as very dedicated to your work. Only then the corporate companies would be interested in hiring you for the long term. These days, there are also many art homes who employ professional carpenters and their earnings are quite decent here as well. Though they might not be an hourly basis job, rather they are contractual jobs with a provided timeline to deliver.

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Woodworking learning equipment

Being a carpenter requires you to have access to various tools and this can be a nightmare for any carpenter apprentice. There is a lot of sophisticated machinery and equipment which are required for detailed carpentry. Not only are many of these tools are very costly, they can be extremely dangerous as well. Never get disheartened by this though, there always is hope for everyone. These costly machines and tools are widely available in used condition and if you are apprentice planning to buy some tools for yourself, then many would suggest that buying used tools is the best option for you. Not only would this save you a lot of money, but at the same time, being able to have these tools helps you learn the proper use of them better. Since you are new, there is always a chance that things might go wrong and you may end up ruining some machines in the process. The financial impact would be less in the case you bought used tools rather than new ones. Surprisingly, used tools can easily cost less than half the actual price in some cases which is definitely something to take advantage of. Being under a carpentry apprenticeship is a trial and error situation to learn from. Every apprentice has gone through this phase and there is absolutely nothing wrong about. It says ‘to err is human’ and you are not an exception to this. Another very good place to look for buying used woodworking machinery would be a professional carpenter. There are many professional carpenters who sell their machines after use and the prices are really cheap. So if you know any professional person, just keep in regular touch with them and ask if the user machine is up for sale or not. Occasionally you would find some which would come into good use for you.

Woodworking learning equipment
Another very useful thing for the carpenters is to read through woodworking forums. Being a part of these forums would help you meet many new carpenters as well as experienced ones. Surrounding yourself with many like-minded people is a good way to self-motivate. By using these forums, you’ll be able to share and exchange ideas and views on carpentry, other related topics, and many other useful things. Due to the advent of the internet, you would also come across many online woodworkers’ forums and there is no reason you shouldn’t join them. With a physical woodworking forum, you have the ability to meet people from your locality. An online woodworker forum would give you the opportunity to meet carpenters and woodworkers from all around the globe you could greatly benefit from this exposure. You would be able to learn about the top trends and demands in the market as well as many different techniques. This would definitely enhance your skill as a carpenter and with this knowledge, you’ll be able to produce new astonishing designs and maybe even a few techniques of your own.
Another very important thing to remember if you are a woodworker is the proper use of any woodworking machine is very important for your safety. The woodworking machinery not only makes your life easy but it also helps you in achieving the desired result. So you must equip yourself with all the modern woodworking machinery as well as learn the proper use of them. Since people demand newer things these days, you have to improvise yourself to widen your horizons in order to accommodate new styles, thoughts as well as techniques. All of these can only be achieved through proper experience and use of woodworking machinery.

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Carpentry learning conclusions

And a great place to showcase your talent is at woodworking shows. There are many of them held throughout the year and you must know about all of them. Give yourself some extra time to prepare for these big events and always showcase your best pieces in those shows. In fact, it is always better if you try and make some good crafts especially keeping in mind the woodworking show. People of various tastes come to this show and they are always in search of new trends that are up and coming. If you can manage to impress the buyers from these shows, you would get the much-desired exposure for your business and finance would never be an issue then.
If you are a woodworking enthusiast or even dream to be a carpenter one day, it is high time that you act now before it is too late. Become an excel student in carpentry apprenticeship and take the proper courses. Make yourself a skilled carpenter gradually through hard work and perseverance. Success awaits you!