Makita AN902 3-1/2-Inch Framing Coil Nailer Review

The Makita AN902 3-1/2-Inch Framing Coil Nailer is a good, solid nailer that doesn’t try to impress you with a lot of useless features. It just focuses on what people want and tries to improve them as much as possible.

Useless bells and whistles are not included in this product. Some people think that this is a failing, but if you just want a good coil nailer then the AN902 will provide you what you need.

Makita AN902 Review

Aside from its various features, the AN902 is also versatile and easy to use. Unlike more specialized coil nailers it can be used for all kinds of projects, including decking, pallets, sheathing, framing and more. It is also equipped to drive 1-3/4 inch to 3-1/2 inch 15-degree coil nails and may be loaded up to 300 of them for long projects. So if you’re interested in buying this item then here’s what you can expect from it.

Makita AN902 Features

The AN902’s has a lot of nice features. It has a 2 mode trigger, which allows you to choose between sequential and nailing options. It has a “tool-less” depth adjustment setting to allow for more accurate flush and countersink work. And for clearing out jammed nails, it has an easy access nose design.

Makita AN902

For added versatility, it also has a nice loading canister that offers nail size adjustment. To increase the user’s grip, while keeping the hand comfortable, it features an ergonomic rubberized handle. Also, for added accuracy and control while nailing at an angle, the AN902 features sharp spurs which are designed to grip the wood. And finally, for added durability, the AN902 features metal exhaust cover plate.

So all things considered, the AN902 seems to have it all. It’s versatile, durable, accurate, user-friendly and has a good design. You can also use it for all kinds of projects, which is always an important thing.

The downside, however, is that all these great features don’t come cheap. The AN902 costs almost $400, and for some people, that’s just too expensive, but even so, the price is worth it. Nailers like the AN902 are not easy to find.


  •  Good durability
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  •  Accurate
  • Good design
  • Adjustable features


  • Expensive
  • No special accessories

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As we’ve said before, what makes the Makita AN902 31-1/2-inch Framing Coil Nailer great is that it has all the right features – no more, no less. Unlike other nailers, it doesn’t have a lot of extra accessories, like a rafter hook for example, but that hardly matters. What matters is that this device is powerful, durable and it’s effective at what it was designed to do.

Some people think that nailers that don’t have accessories are not as good as those that do, but in most cases, the accessories aren’t actually necessary and bring limited benefits to people who use them.

The AN902 is a good example of a product that sticks to essentials and improving them as much as possible. So if you just want to buy a really good nailer then the AN902 is probably among the best ones on the market.