Porter-Cable Coil 350 Review [ Read This Before Buying ]

The use of hammer for millwork was prevalent since many years. Almost every detailing to the roofing or decking was done with the help of a hammer. It was indeed tiresome and required lots of efforts from the worker. Hammers resulted in chipped hands, caused noise and provided inaccurate drive of the nails. Any kind of millwork requires a well-built precision which is gained from experience. However, even experienced professionals sometimes fail to impart the quality needed for work. This is because the drive of nails while using a hammer is not under control. For the very reason a device was needed which could accurately drive the nails into the area of work as well as provide other benefits at the same time. Nailers have been a great support to workers these days.

The use of the hammer is now reduced to removing old nails and constructions. Injuries caused due to hammer have also lessened. With the use of proper nailer you can not only save your time but also produce a quality work. The nailer market has been advancing since then. There are numerous of options available in the market. From the cheaper brands to faux copies of nailers to the genuine branded nailers. The market is continuously growing and so it becomes confusing when it comes to actually buying a nailer.

Porter Cable Coil 350 is one of the nailers from the Porter Cable. It is a lightweight device, made up of magnesium which makes it easy on the hands of workers. The ergonomically designed handle provides a good grip while performing operations. Its refined feed mechanism gives you a quick adjusting support for various nail lengths.

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Porter-Cable Coil 350 Technical Details:


  1. Product weight: 11.1 pounds.
  2. Product dimensions: 17x16x6.2 inches.
  3. Power source: air powered.
  4. Warranty: 30 days performance certification/ 1 year limited warranty.
  5. Operating pressure: 70-120 psi.
  6. Fastener type: 15 degree coil wire collated framing nails.
  7. Magazine capacity: 225-300 nails.
  8. Firing modes: Sequential and Bump fire.
  9. Length: 14-1/2 inches.
  10. Height: 19-1/2 inches.


Porter-Cable Coil 350 Review


A nailer should be easy on the hands of the workers otherwise it may directly affect the quality of the outcome. A heavy nailer begets unnecessary pressure on the arms and thus it becomes difficult to control the drive of nails. Porter Cable Coil 350 is a very lightweight device with weight up to 11 pounds. It does not cause any stress on the hand and is easy to use. The reason behind it being light in weight is magnesium. Porter Cable Coil 350 is made up entirely of Magnesium. Magnesium, in itself, is light in weight and it provides many other benefits. It is a non-reactive metal and is not corroded by air, light, water and even strong chemicals. It renders it durable. The use of magnesium thus provides added advantages to the nailer.


Another important point while considering a nailer is its grip. Apart from being lightweight a nailer should have a good grip otherwise it slips from the hands. Secondly, a good grip can even absorb the vibrations produced during the operation. The vibrations cause a lot of turmoil while working. Porter Cable Coil 350 features classic ergonomic characters. Its grip is ergonomically designed keeping the quality of work in mind. It provides a fantastic support to the professional.

Tool free adjustable exhaust

Millwork is not a piece of cake. It requires focus and determination from the professional. Accuracy is only achieved when hurdles are crossed. One such hurdle is mess. A lot of mess is created during millwork operations. Drilling the wood is not easy. Sometimes the dust from the surface goes directly into the eyes or nose of the professional which can lead to serious damages. For this very reason Porter Cable has introduced a powerful tool free adjustable exhaust in its 350 model. The exhaust system provided cast off dust particles from the surface thus protecting the worker. The exhaust system consists of a high performance motor so as to provide utmost benefit to the customer.

High-performance model

And of course the very reason you are buying a nailer is for its performance. A nailer should indeed have additional features but it shouldn’t lack its integrity which is after all its performance. Many of the nailers available in the market provide numerous of benefits to lure the customers. However, fail to provide the desired performance. Same is not the case with Porter Cable Coil 350. This is a high performance model and assures to deliver a high end result. The operating pressure of the device ranges from 70-120 psi which is optimum for most of the operations. The pressure as low as 70 can provide you benefits with intricacies in millwork while pressure as high as 120 can help you with difficult operations. The magazine capacity of the device is also important. You should not waste most of your time on simply changing the magazines. The magazine capacity of this device is 225-300 nails. It thus saves your time as well as help you with continuous operations. The magazine also has a adjustable support to inculcate various types of nails. A removable rubber tip is also provided which helps in various operations like siding, decking and other finished surfaces.

Drive Adjustment

Drive adjustment is the most critical factor due to which hammers were replaced by nailers. The performance of the nailer is governed by the drive of the nails. A proper drive adjustment is required for efficient working of the device. Porter Cable Coil 350 provides a depth-of-drive adjustment mechanism for better accuracy and easy handling of the device. Along with this a refined feed mechanism is provided for introducing nails into the system. A quick adjustment support can accumulate various types of nails into the device. So, there’s no need to buy just one particular type of nail for fulfilling operations.



Overall this is an efficient device produced by Porter Cable with a light weight, magnesium body which provides a high end performance. The depth of drive and tool-less adjustable exhaust system render it unique from the league of nailers.

Customers Review

The customer satisfaction with this product is high as compared to other devices. Reviews suggested that it is a powerful gun useful in varied operations. A customer rating of 4 out of 5 stars was observed.

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