Porter-Cable Coil 350 Review [updated 2018]

The old humble hammer has been rated tiresome and ineffective by the new nailer thanks to technology advancement. Using it resulted in chipped hands, the inaccurate drive of the nails and time-consuming procedure not to mention the noise. With the emergence of porter cable oil, the hammer has been reduced to removing old nails from old constructions. Injuries have also been a thing of a past now as one would not hit his thumb instead of the nail head. What’s more, with the nail gun, you can save a lot of time and produce quality work. Care should be taken though, not to land it in wrong hands. It can be a dangerous tool. It can be used for fencing and any other place a nail is desired.


Porter-Cable Coil 350 Review

Porter cable coil 350 comes in a 3-inch magnesium coil framing nailer that is powerful, lightweight and has an ergonomically designed handle that just makes framing nails an easy job. The handle offers a firm grip for accurate nailing. Its refined feed mechanism gives one a quick adjusting support for various nail lengths.

Porter-Cable Coil 350 Physical features

Rugged coiler is made of long-lasting magnesium casing. It is able to take all nails of any inches and a double feed mechanism that gives reliability in feeding in the nails. The in-depth drive gives a countersinking of nails properly every time you drive a nail into a frame. The adjustable exhaust and rubber grip makes the machine easy to operate. The additional dust cap, oil and Allen wrenches and operators manual are also some of the best items the manufacturer thought of before putting the product on the market.

Porter-Cable Coil 350 Specifications

The machine comes with interesting specification enough to make you love the job at hand. Here are some of them:

  • The fastener of up to 15 inches of coil wire for collated framing nails.
  • Has a shipping weight of lbs 11
  • Fattener ranges from 1 to 3 1/2x 099 inches
  • Has a capacity of 225-300 nails.
  • Operates in a pressure of 70-120ps
  • Are 14 inches long and 19 inches high


  • Can drive up to 15-degree wire collated coil framing nails from 1 to 131 inch
  • Very light to use because of the magnesium casing
  • Highly performing and very powerful given it is fitted with free adjustable exhaust
  • Its feed mechanism comes in twos with adjust system for any length of nails
  • It can be adjusted for proper setting of nails because of its in-depth drive.
  • With it comes a one-year limited warranty and 30-day certification.

Customers are saying

All customers who have bought and used porter cable coil 350 are satisfied with the services it delivers. Someone had to admit that except minor exceptions, it is a great gun. Another one commended the quality of the porter and said even though it looked bigger; it is lighter and one of the best for framing nails. That it can be used for hours without getting tired. One customer had bought it for a fence job only for it to last to three more fences he did not imagine it could still do. Customers rated it 4 out of 5 stars.