Bosch SN350 20F Review

Bosch has over the years been accredited with quality and convenience relative to its numerous tools and the Bosch SN350-20F is no different. It’s easy to use characteristic makes this tool applicable by both for professionals and DIYers. I know Its hard to find a good framing nailer as lots of companies is in the same market. So, I would suggest you to go through features of all and find the best for you in term of budget and efficiency. So Here we will discuss about Bosch SN350 20F features and review.

 Bosch SN 350 FEATURES And Review:

Bosch Framing Nailer
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Bosch SN350 framing nailer comes with a standard size of 22.7 x 15.3 x 6 inches and a subsequent 8 lb weight provision. Despite coming off as a bit lengthy, this framing nailer is a relatively lightweight tool that will facilitate ease when working with it.

Firing Mode

Never has a job been made easier than with the Bosch SN 350 which allows the switching from bum firing to sequential firing by the press of a button. Unlike other nailers where such requires the dismantling of the nailer, Bosch 20F Full Head Nailer guarantees you ease and convenience through the simple touch a button.


This framing strip nailer gun is a sturdy tool because of its metal strike plate. Professionals-who this gun is mainly designed for- will find the tool convenient since the metal strike guarantees minimal damage even in instances of accidents and rough usage.

Adjustable Air Exhaust

The Bosch 20F Full Head Nailer has taken flexibility to a whole new level by introducing the aspect of an adjustable air exhaust where it can easily be adjusted without the help of another tool to do it, therefore, assuring you minimize downtime.

Air Filter

This framing Nailer is characterized by a standard air filter with the capacity to clean itself; with such a characteristic, who needs to worry about component life?

Nails: This nailing gun uses 21-degree full head nails that have a 2 to 3.5-inch range

Warranty: It comes with a one year guarantee

Accessories: The Bosch SN350 framing nailer, a pair of protective glasses and a no-mar tip

  1. Powerful: Bosch is better known for quality and adaptability to new technology. With the new Full-force feature and a significant operation provision of 60 to 120 psi, the SN350-20F ensures you avoid premature nailing and have ease driving nails even in hardest of woods.
  2. Quick-Release magazine: For most framing gun users, nail jams is a big challenge and removing the nails is an even worse nightmare. Nonetheless, the quick-release aspect of Bosch SN350-20F ensures you have an easy time removing the nails without dismantling the tool.
  3. Ease of adjustment and usage: The Bosch 20F Full Head Nailer allows easy switching of firing modes by the simple touch of a button which as professionals and constant users will tell you, is a major time saver. Moreover, with a quick-release magazine, loading of nails and taking out of jammed nails become an easy and convenient task.
  4. Lightweight: Despite not being the lightest in the market, this nailer gun is relatively lightweight and will allow you ease in maneuver inclusive of overhead positions
Bosch SN350 20F Cons
  1. Size: Despite the standard dimensions of this nailer gun not being way off for a nailing gun, the 21” length may be an inconvenience especially in indoor-based projects.
  2. Kick: The design of this framing nailer is purposely for professional use. Although the proportion of the kick and the overall power output is not equal, it is still a wow’ tool for new users and professionals accustomed to this type of nailers.
  3. Lack of Protective case: Although the Bosch SN 350-20F is a sturdy framing nailer, length limits the inclusion of a protective case which comes in handy during transportation of the tool.

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If you have previously interacted with or used Bosch products, then you are sure what to expect with Bosch SN350-20F; great performance, durability, adjustability, good look and a good feeling (:p ) when using it. The nailer gun is purposed for professionals who need the services of a tool in their numerous framing jobs although it is also a great tool for DIYers.

In comparison to the general low-end nailers, working with the Bosch SN350-20F Full Nailer will give you a wonderful, easy time and experience. You have a professional-quality tool that guarantees minimal risk to failure or damage and at an Amazon price of $$$ that is inclusive of FREE Shipping, where else will you find a better offer?

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