No work is easy; and as framing contractors will attest to, nothing beats the significance of a quality and reliable nailer for any framing relate job. But even for DIYers, particularly if you are married, nothing spoils a morning buzz than those typical �honey-do tasks’. �Sweetheart please fix the deck or repair the ceiling’ type of calls.

Normally, a hammer would come in handy for such short projects, but then again, why settle for a tiring experience hammering things here and there while you could simply automate everything by use of a framing nailer? Spare your arm and your money in an extension. How? Max SN883RH2 framing nailer

Renowned for a sleek and elegant design, Max SN883RH2 focuses on quality performance and comfort while doing so.

Max SN883RH2 Specification

  • Anti-Double Fire Trigger: this allows the switch to either single or contact fire devoid of pull trigger adjustments.
  • End cap filter (Maintenance free): facilitates effective dust and sand capture.
  • Weight: 7 pounds.
  • Operating pressure: Max SN883RH2 framing nailer functions using a 90psi operating pressure.
  • Nail size and Load Capacity: It has a maximum nail capacity of 64 nails and uses nail ranges between 2 x 0.113” and ¼ x 0.148”.




Light Weight:

With an overall weight of 7 pounds, it is a convenient tool that can facilitate continuous working without the user having muscle cramps and fatigue.

Compact Design 

The compact design of the Max 20 degree framing nailer is a wonderful sight. It is the solid production that enhances the convenience of use and an easy to select trigger system that accords you the option of switching depending on the intensity of the task.


In line with the brand’s repute, MAX SN883RH2 lives up to the standards by being among the most durable pneumatic tools currently in the market.

MAX SN883RH2 Review


One aspect that distinguishes Max 20 degree framing nailer from the rest of the crop is its dust collector feature. Anytime you are onto a nailing task, the cap filter collects all the traces of dirt and the interesting bit is that it is absolutely maintenance free! The capacity of this feature goes beyond simple dirt collection since it traps even the tiniest micrometer dirt particles.

Ease of Use

With an assortment of superior features, you would expect the nailer to be somewhat of a complex tool to use and get acquainted with. Nonetheless, aside from a compact design and a subsequent user manual to go along with it, the Max SN883RH2 is very easy to use the tool.

Convenience and Efficiency

It is almost impossible to outline all the pneumatic nailers that make the list of convenient and efficient and fail to include this nailer in the final cut. With the SN883RH2 framing nailer, the user is able to load a maximum of 64 nails to use in their tasks. Moreover, it eases the task of switching trigger modes since pull trigger adjustment has been eradicated.


Unlike several pneumatic nailers in the market, the 20 degree Max framing nailer facilitates performance of several nailing jobs among them: sheathing, framing, siding, and crafting.

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  • · MAX SN883RH2 is a High-speed performance framing nailer.
  • It has a loading capacity of 64 nails.
  • It is compact and lightweight that eases use even for long periods without numbness.
  • Comes with a double-trigger option that allows the user to switch from single to double trigger options easily.
  • Comes with a dust cap that requires no maintenance: Aside from trapping dirt, it has no maintenance hustles.


  • It has an operating pressure capacity of just 100 psi.
  • It cannot use any nails that outside the particular nail range.


The popularity of the MAX SN883RH2 framing nailer continues to expand and it is easy to see why. Aside from a reputable brand name that is a testament to comfort and high performance, the various particular top-notch features make it a wonderful tool.

Aside from boasting a 64 nail capacity, it eases usability by being lightweight and having a compact design all which allow the user to perform their tasks over a long period. Moreover, it simplifies the capacity to switch trigger modes since it does not require adjustments with the pull trigger. Finally, it is characterized by an end cap that collects all sorts and sizes of dust particles and which mandates for no particular maintenance.

Even with there being biased ratings and reviews, the assortment of features and the assurance’ of efficiency and quality makes MAX SN883RH2 a must have for any contractor or framing DIYer out there.