Freeman PFR2190 21-Degree Review

When shopping for a framing nailer, the most sought-after characteristics are definitely those that ease your task and produce a quality job in the least of time. Many of the framing nailers available in the market are mostly air compressor powered (pneumatic guns). If you are looking for a steady driving force and a convenient nailer then pneumatic framing nailer can be the best option for you and one of those products is the Freeman PFR2190 nailer. Freeman has been the most trusted brand in the array of nailers. The pneumatic nailers from the company are efficient and easy to use. PFR2190 series is the newest addition to the array. Here is all you need to know about the product:

Freeman PFR2190

The Freeman nailing gun is a light and easy to use framing nailer that can be applied in almost all tasks that mandate nailing such as fencing, framing, sheathing of the roof and walls, siding and construction of the wood box. This nailer gun astoundingly fires 21-degree framing nailers. It is manufactured using anodized aluminum and magnesium thus making it corrosion free and is well powered by an air compressor.

Freeman PFR2190 Features

  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 6.5 x 14.2 inches
  • Weight: 14.5 lbs
  • Operation: It is air compressor operated and requires a 60-115 psi pressure provision
  • Material: lightweight, magnesium and anodized aluminum manufactured body
  • Firing mode: It applies interchangeable triggers to facilitate contact or single firing
  • Nails Type: uses 21-degree full-head (2 – 3-1/2) range of inch nails. Its magazine capacity is 55 nails.
  • Exhaust: it has a 360 Degree air vent that is adjustable and an anti-dust cap both used for prevention of air supply contamination.
  • Case: Comes with an external plastic case for ease and safety in storage.

Freeman PFR2190 Review

Power and Precision

The Freeman PFR2190 nailing framer guarantees both fast usage and reduced friction by use of strip loading. The Teflon O-rings are especially designed to reduce the friction when the nailer is moving along surfaces. With the 21-degree full-head feature, coupled with no-mar padding, this nailer guarantees precision during the job and also safeguards the surface from damage during the nailing process. The power force of this nailer also allows flush driving of nails into surfaces.


Freeman PFR2190 Review

One thing you will like about this nailer is the ease it facilitates during its use. The framing nailer gun allows a 360-degree exhaust rotation assuring it is completely away from your face. Moreover, with features like the tool-free depth adjustment, the user can operate faster and with ease. The nailer gun also comes in handy with a dust cap and air filter to safeguard clean operation.

Efficiency and Reliability:

One of the outstanding aspects of the Freeman PFR2190 is the control power is offers during trigger adjustment. Dual triggers come handy to enable: contact firing or single firing. With contact firing, this feature allows ease in one by one nailing expedition. Although this feature is characterized by all necessary gear, one is prone to injury where proper precautions of safety are not adhered to. The trigger adjustment feature enhances nailing precision making the experience enjoyable.


The Freeman PFR2190 nailing gun has a body made of lightweight magnesium material which is durable and which provides the user with utmost maneuverability during the course of their tasks. The magnesium metal also renders the device corrosion free thus extending its lifespan.


You can own one of these framing guns at a discounted price inclusive of free shipping at


Freeman is one of the few brands that provide one of the longest warranty guarantee periods of 7 years. They also provide reliable customer support in the event of any issues and concerns.



  • Lightweight and balance
  • Interchangeable triggers
  • Easily understandable user instructions
  • The framing gun does not jam
  • Great customer support


  • Many users have complained about the dual nailing feature as a bit complicated to use.
  • The user is unable to completely deplete a full set of nails since the gun fails to fire the final nails in its magazine mandating a reload.

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Shoppers opinion

After reading the 155 reviews On amazon the conclusion is that the buyers consider this product a great value for money, and one of the most popular features of the item is its excellent nail adjustment depth system. For some customers the drawbacks are the heavyweight and that when it has only 3 nails left it to stop working. Anyways with the 4 stars rating, this item is of great value.

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