Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer





Quality Standard: star rating for framing photoshoped-horz 4 stars


· When using Paslode nails you usually avoid misfires or nail jams.

· You dont need a compressor and can move around freely.


When huge force is used is notably noisy.

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Paslode 905600 Specifications

Dimensions 12"* 4"* 14.5"
Weight 7.2 lbs
Power source Fuel cell
Speed 9000 Nails per charge
Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Warranty 2 years promise,5 years limited

If you are a handy do-it-yourself individual and have been involved in some few carpentry jobs at some point, you probably have gotten to the point where you needed to select a good framing nailer gun that suits your needs. Although Cordless framing nailers do not share the same popularity as their pneumatic counterparts, cordless machines come in very handy.

For individuals who lack an air compressor, are working in spaces where no air compressor would fit or working in jobs mandating for a lot of moving around, the option of a Paslode framing nailer is definitely one of the choices for you.

A new release from Paslode and a better and enhanced replacement of the Paslode 902600, this framing machine is a cordless Li-Ion nailer able to drive 2" to 3-1/4" Round-Drive 30 degree paper strip nails. Unlike its pneumatic counterparts, this framing machine runs on lithium ion battery power and comes with an orange framing fuel cell.


· Dimensions of 12"* 4"* 14.5".

· Speed of between 2-3 nails per second.

· 1 strip Nail Capacity.

· Has a nail range of 2" - 3-1/4"; .113 - .131" in shank diameters.

· Comes with a distinct 30� Paper-Tape nail angle.

· Paslode RounDrive Offset Full Head nail type (Brite or GalvGuard).

· Uses the Framing Fuel with All-Season Formula fuel Up to 1200 Nails per Fuel Cell.

· Has a 24 month Fuel life (confirm date code from the fuel cell’s bottom).


Considering that this framing nailer is a heavy duty machine, the Paslode 905600 is remarkably light- weight coming in at only 7.2 pounds. Its good grip and subsequent balance gives the user a better control and comfort while operating in tight locations or when working overhead.


This will come as a surprise to many but with its 7V Li-ion Battery complimented by a 50 % longer operation time, the Paslode 905600 is well able to drive an approximate nail number of 9000 drives per every full-charge. It also charges very fast requiring 1 to 11/2 hour to fully charge.


The Paslode 905600 is a heavy-duty framing nailer that comes with utmost efficiency when it comes to speed. As has been mentioned, the nail can drive an approximate 9000 nails in a single charge.


It comes with a 5 % extra power that allows driving in of nail flush and is good with old hard woods.


It comes with a 2 Year Warranty Promise and a 5 Year Limited Warranty.


You can acquire this nailer at at a 7 % discount price of $369.95 inclusive of free shipping. Although pricier than several similar framing machines, the benefits that come with it ensure you get value for your money.


· It is cordless thus you can move it around without the hustle of carrying around a hose or compressor.

· Guarantees fewer jams and misfires if you use Paslode nails.

· Efficiency: Allows driving of 9,000 nails every full charge.

· Ease and time saving: With a 2-minute Quick Charge it can allow 200 nail shots, and a 1-1/2 hour complete charge it allows 9000 drives.


Noise; the machine is significantly noisy especially where immense power is required.


· A 7.4V Li-ion Battery.

· 1 Li-ion Battery Charger.

· 1 Cordless Tool Cleaner.

· Cordless Nailer Lubrication Oil.


The underlying design concept of the Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer is to facilitate efficiency through improved power and a big nail drive capacity, and time saving through quick charging. As such, you can comfortably keep away your hammer and allow this cordless nailer do a good quality job for you.


Shoppers opinion

I revised every single of the  44 comments and reviews on 3 of the biggest online and retail outlets in the US(Amazon,Homedepot,Lowes) and the vast majority of them were really positive, the average rating was 4,5 stars.

The majority of the buyers considered its nail depth setter feature, gas cartridge and gas loader mechanism the most positive characteristics of this framing nailer.

One user pointed out that the only drawback was that the nailer gun was not able to take3 ½ inches. nails.