Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer Review

A good framing needle is the most important need for carpentry work. Both beginners and professionals need a nailer that can perform the function efficiently. However, most of the nailers are either expensive or the low budget ones do not offer the desired functions. The nailers basically used are of two types i.e., Cordless framing nailers and pneumatic nailers. Cordless framing nailers, however, are not so popular among people.

Paslode Framing Nailer is cordless type and is suitable for such individuals who work in spaces where no air compressor can be fitted or lack an air compressor altogether. It is also suitable for people who have to move around for getting their work done. It is a great alternative to air tools.

Paslode 905660 Cordless XP Framing Nailer is the recent addition and a better replacement to the former Paslode 902600 nailer. The device is cordless Li-Ion nailer and can drive from 2” to 3-1/4” round drive 30 degree paper strip nails. Unlike its pneumatic counterparts, this framing machine runs on lithium-ion battery power and comes with an orange framing fuel cell.

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Paslode 905600 Review

  • Dimensions of 12″* 4″* 14.5″.
  • The speed of between 2-3 nails per second.
  • 1 strip Nail Capacity.
  • Has a nail range of 2″ – 3-1/4″; .113 – .131″ in shank diameters.
  • Comes with a distinct 30 degree Paper-Tape nail angle.
  • Paslode RounDrive Offset Full Head nail type (Brite or GalvGuard).
  • Uses the Framing Fuel with All-Season Formula fuel Up to 1200 Nails per Fuel Cell.
  • Has a 24 month Fuel life (confirm date code from the fuel cell’s bottom).

Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer Review


For a nailer to perform its best it has to be of light weight. A bulky nailer puts pressure on the arm and hand thus limiting the proficiency of the user. These types of nailer are ordinarily heavy duty machines. However, Paslode 905660 is remarkably lightweight with weighing up to only 7.2 pounds. The Ergonomic characteristics of the device are also fairly good and help in maintaining a good grip. The machine because of its lightweight and grip is user friendly and a comfort is provided even while heavier operations. The loading and unloading of the nails is also easy with this device.


As because of being cordless nailer the battery life might be doubted upon. But surprisingly so Paslode 905660 comes with a 7V Li-ion battery complimented by a 50 % longer operation time. It is able to drive an approximate nail number of 9000 drives per every full charge. The battery gives a good backup and takes around 1 to 1-1/2 hours to completely charge. A 2 minute quick charge can also be done for up to 200 shots.


The Paslode 905600 is a heavy-duty framing nailer which provides efficiency as well as speed. As mentioned earlier, the nailer can drive an approximate 9000 nails per full charge the speed of the device can thus be quantified. Normally, the speed of the device is between 1-3 nails per second which is suitable for most of the carpentry works.


The additional power backup supplied by the company allows efficient driving in and nail flush. A 15% extra power is provided by Poslade 905660 which makes it one of the best cordless nailers available in the market. Another special feature with this device is that can work in temperatures down to 14 F when used with Paslode framing fuel/all season formula.

No Jamming

Jamming is one of the most common problems experienced by many people while performing operations with framing nailers. It hinders in the quality of the work. However, a reduced or no jamming is observed when this device is combined with paslode nails.


The product accompanies with the following:

  • A 7.4V Li-ion Battery.
  • 1 Li-ion Battery Charger.
  • 1 Cordless Tool Cleaner.
  • Cordless Nailer Lubrication Oil.


Most of the nailers offer 6 months or warranty of a year but Poslade comes with a 2 year warranty as well as a 5 year limited warranty.

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Paslode 905600 Nailer Pros

  • It is cordless thus you can move it around without the hustle of carrying around a hose or compressor.
  • Guarantees fewer jams and misfires if you use Paslode nails.
  • Efficiency: Allows driving of 9,000 nails every full charge.
  • Ease and time saving: With a 2-minute Quick Charge it can allow 200 nail shots, and a 1-1/2 hour complete charge it allows 9000 drives.

Paslode 905600 Nailer Cons

  • Noise; the machine is significantly noisy especially where immense power is required.

About Paslode

Paslode is basically an acronym for PAcking Shipping LOading DEvices and one of the oldest tool manufacturers. It was founded in 1935 and since then it has been a leading name in the development of sturdy nailers. The tools designed by the company are mostly used in construction as well as building maintenance. The tools of the company are made especially in orange and black coloring and can be identified easily.

A Quick Recap (Video)


The underlying design concept of the Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer is to facilitate efficiency through the improved power and a big nail drive capacity and time-saving through quick charging. As such, you can comfortably keep away your hammer and allow this cordless nailer do a good quality job for you.

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