Bostitch F28WW Buyers Guide and Review

Just imagine how difficult it is to mow an acre of land using a manual hand-held slashing equipment as compared to using a machine driven lawn mower. It must be Tiresome, right? It will also consume a lot of time using the standard equipment as compared to using the machine driven equipment. The same scenario applies to the deck, framing and joining and holding wood works into place.

The task is made easier and more convenient to carry out when using a framing nailer unlike when carrying out the tasks manually using simple tools. The BOSTITCH F28WW Clipped Head 2-inch to 3-1/2-inch Framing Nailer with Magnesium Housing nailer is your ideal tool to aid you in the accomplishment of among other tasks, framing.

Bostitch F28WW

Bostitch F28WW Features


Manual tasks are tiresome and hectic to carry out. They require applying of utmost effort and moving of heavy items from one station to another. For this reason, the framing nailer is designed in such a way that it is light for the equipment handler. Therefore the only additional effort required in handling the equipment is technical expertise.

The exclusion of batteries, both inbuilt and external batteries, is one of the design features that has attributed to its light weight of approximately eight pounds. Its compact design and size of 23 by 16 by 6 inches also makes it sizeable enough for ease of portability, unlike a bigger and heavier frame nailer.

Magnesium housing

Magnesium is one of the metals that are not reactive when exposed or contacted with other chemical compounds such as water, oxygen, and even acid. The metal, therefore, doesn’t corrode with time consequently enhancing the longevity of Bostitch F28WW. Additionally, internal electrical components need a shield from being contaminated with water and other external substances.

Cordless electric power source

Bostitch F28WW Review

With a lot of movement involved in any manual works, the mobility of the workman is one of the primary factors to be considered. Bostitch F28WW is built with a cordless connectivity to its power source, therefore, facilitating ease of user’s movement.

Ability to clip on the nail head and drive Nail size varying from 2 inches to 3.5 inches

To accurately set accomplished in place, a technician would have and to struggle and hold the nail in the desired position until it is fully set. Well, with Bostitch F28WW, the hassle is eliminated. One only has to perfectly aim at the position you want and clip the target of any size between two inches to three and a half and drive it into the solid body mass into the desired depths.

Installed with a bump fire trigger

The essence of using a modified equipment/ machine is enhancing the mode by which the task is carried out. Efficiency can be improved, speed and also neatness. Well, the Bostitch F28WW enhances the rate at which the nail framing work is accomplished with the help of the pre-installed bump fire trigger which enhances the sequential rate at which nails are driven into the frame.

Enhanced driving power of 1050 inch pounds

Powerful machine with the capacity to drive nails into hard bodies for a depth of up to twenty inches deep from the base of the body into which the nail is being driven.

Push button regulator

Varying works differ in specifications with which the nails want to be pushed. Well, one doesn’t have to make rough estimates while using the Bostitch F28WW. A push button regulator with different scales is installed beside the power button to make the task of varying depth specifications easier to handle.

Steel and rubber guards

The Bostitch F28WW is integrated with steel and rubber guards around its body to minimize wear and tear in case of falls hence the longevity of the gadgets service to the buyer.

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Pros of the Bostitch F28WWHaving received multiple positive reviews from clients who purchased the framing nailer, Bostitch F28WW is believed to have more pros than cons to the users which are;

• Good product quality having being manufactured in the United States. The quality enhances its lifetime and reduces cases of after-sales services by clients to the manufacturer. However, the manufacturer includes a one-year warranty for after sale servicing in case any internal faults arise.

• Gives clients value for their money.

• Highly compatible with other equipment that it needs to work with.

Cons of the Bostitch F28WW

• Not an independent gadget and needs the purchase of additional equipment, therefore, resulting in extra costs incurred.