Bostitch F28WW Framing Nailer Review

The framing projects are mostly tedious in manner. The professionals need to focus properly on the intricacies otherwise it takes a second to ruin the entire project. For the very reason, a good nailer is a primary requirement of any professional. The framing nailer market is wide with a lot of budget-friendly options available along with expensive ones. Individuals usually get confused in choosing the right ones. Many people fall for the cheap ones but get dissatisfied with the quality of work provided by them. However, sometimes even the expensive ones do not reach up to the mark.

Bostitch has been a trusted name in the field of framing nailers and possesses a success record of producing the best nailers for customers. The recent addition to their league that is, Bostitch F28WW model is one of the best nailers available in the market. The clipped head framing nailer with magnesium body is ideal for the accomplishment of your framing tasks.

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Bostitch F28WW

Bostitch F28WW Feature Review


Manual tasks are tiresome and hectic to carry out. They require extra efforts in moving heavy items from one workstation to another. Secondly, a heavy framing nailer worsens the capability of the individual. It directly puts load on the arms which eventually affects the quality of the work being performed. For this very reason, Bostitch has designed a lightweight framing nailer which is light and easy for the equipment handler. Hence, the only additional effort required in handling the equipment is technical expertise.

The exclusion of both internal and external batteries has attributed in the light weight of the device. It weighs up to 8 pounds. The compact size and a size of 23x16x6 inches also render it portable, unlike the bulkier framing nailers.

Magnesium housing

The body of the nailer also plays an important role in its efficiency. The internal components of the device need to be protected from the external environment. For this reason, the reactivity of the metals can either make or break the device. Hence, it is essential for the device to be made up of such a metal that is least reactive or corrosion free. However, choosing a metal also makes the device bulky. Bostitch has resolved the problem by incorporating a magnesium body for the device.

Magnesium is one of the metals which do not react with chemicals, water, oxygen and even acid. The metal thus does not corrode with time consequently enhancing the life of the device.

Cordless electric power source

Bostitch F28WW Review

The manual work requires an extra movement performing a particular work. The cord can thus hinder in the work. A lot of time is wasted in maintaining the cord and perform the work simultaneously. Bostitch F28WW is built with a cordless connectivity. The cordless feature enables connectivity to the power source, therefore, facilitating ease of user’s movement.

Steel and rubber guards

A framing nailer is prone to wear and tear because of the varying amount and type of the project. The metal housing cannot entirely protect the device. Hence, an extra guarding is required to protect the device. The Bostitch F28WW model is equipped with steel and rubber guard around its body to minimize wear and tear. The protection of the device from wear and tear can thus directly increase the life of the device.

Installed with a bump fire trigger

The essence of using a modified or updated version of any equipment is enhancing the work mode by which the task is carried out. From efficiency to speed everything can be changed in the improved version. The Bostitch models are already good at nailing rate but the F28WW version provides a pre-installed bump fire trigger which enhances the rate of nailing. The sequential rate of the nails drawn into the frame is highly increased by the bump fire trigger.

Enhanced driving power of 1050 inch pounds

As mentioned earlier an updated version of any device asks for more. The driving power of the F28WW model is much more than the earlier ones. A 1050 inch pounds of driving power is provided by the device. The depth of the drive can also be easily adjusted with the help of a push button. The drive is required to be adjusted while even performing the work and thus the easy push button can change the drive depth in seconds.

Push button regulator

The driving depth of the nailer is the most important criteria while choosing a nailer. The tip of the nailer should be such as to support the high power in order to achieve a good driving depth. Secondly, the depth adjustment should not be too typical for any user to follow. Most of the nailers are needed to be stopped in between for altering the driving depth which interrupts in the framing process. However, providing an easy depth regulator resolves the issue. Bostitch F28WW provides a push button regulator for depth adjustment. The depth can easily be adjusted with the help of a push button and can be changed while even performing the operation.

Ability to clip on the nail head

The nailer need to be adjusted according to the nail head in order to get the work done. A technician often struggles while holding the nailer in place and aim at the desired position. With Bositich F28WW the hassle is entirely eliminated. The device can easily clip on the nail head and drive nails varying from 2 to 3.5 inches.


The reliability of any company is quantified by the warranty period it offers. Most of the companies provide a warranty period of either one or two years but the trusted name of Bostitch offers a warranty of 7 years to its customers.


Most of the individuals choose a framing nailer looking at the prices. Yes, it is the foremost criteria while opting for any device. The device must be in the budget range and should not be a burden to one. With a plethora of options available in the market along with a cheap market flourishing at its peak day-by-day customers easily fall for the trap. Of course, a budget friendly nailer does not put a load on the pocket but it does not even guarantee quality at the same time.

It might be expensive for few of the customers but it does guarantee quality. The performance of the nailer is high end as well as comes with a 7 year warranty. Purchasing a device is more of like an investment and rather than investing on cheaper models from time to time you can invest on a higher brand for a lifetime.


For any device to work efficiently it has to be user friendly. The features should not be too complex for the customers to follow. Bostitch F28WW does come with special features but all of them are easy to be handled by both beginners and professionals. It is light weight, portable and durable device which renders it a user friendly product.

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Pros Cons of the Bostitch F28WW

Bostitch F28WW received multiple positive reviews from clients who purchased the framing nailer, Bostitch F28WW is believed to have more pros than cons to the users which are;

  • Lightweight
  • Cordless electric power support.
  • Gives clients value for their money.
  • Highly compatible with other equipment that it needs to work with.

Cons of the Bostitch F28WW

  • It is not an individual equipment and asks for purchase of additional equipment thus putting a load on your pocket.


Bostitch F28WW is a great device for both beginners and professionals. It is light weight, durable and portable device suitable for wide range of framing projects.

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