Best Scroll Saw Buying Guide and Reviews

Wondering what’s the best scroll saw? Well you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll go through the pros and cons of the top 10 scroll saws available today a bit further down this article. Before that, we’ll discuss what a scroll saw actually is, and why you might want to invest in one in the first place.

But first, for those who want a quick answer for the best scroll saw available, here is our top products list! As mentioned, you’ll find the detailed reviews of these models further down in this article.

The 10 Best Scroll Saws Are:

  • DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw
  • Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw
  • Craftsman 16″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw
  • Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw
  • WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw
  • Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit
  • Rockwell RK7315 Shop Series 16-Inch Scroll Saw
  • RYOBI 16 in Corded Scroll Saw #SC165VS
  • PROXXON 37088 Scroll Saw DS 115/E
  • HEGNER 22″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw

If you’re looking to make a quick purchase, you can’t go wrong with any of the scroll saws listed above. They all offer excellent performance and quality for their price range.

Ok, now we’ll go through a bit more information about scroll saws before getting into the detailed reviews of these products!

Best Scroll Saws – Introduction

Scroll saws are very easy to use and can help you curve some intricate wood patterns and shapes, including sharp edges.

In fact, of all the power tools used to cut and curve woods, scroll saws are the easiest to use.

There are different types and models available in the market and some can be used to cut other materials like thin metal.

When looking for the best scroll saw in the market, there are various things to consider, ranging from the model to the blades, table, throat size and mounting among others.

Finding a scroll saw should not be a daunting task since there are various brands and retailers.

However, not all offers you come across will meet your unique needs.

It all depends on your scroll saw projects and what you want to achieve.

With that said, here is a brief outline of what makes a good scroll saw tool.

Basic Information About Scroll Saws

Picking specific scroll saw designs as the best in the market is definitely subjective especially since everyone has unique needs and a single model may not adequately service everyone’s requirements.

However, some models have various features and attributes that distinguish them from the rest.

Essentially, the best scroll saw is one which helps you achieve the intended work/assignment.

For example, a simple 16-inch throat tool can help you finish scroll saw projects for beginners but lacks the versatility that expert scroll sawing requires.

Some of the things to consider before purchasing any scroll saw include the following;

The Throat Size 

This is basically the distance between the blade and saw throat.

There are three common sizes; 16 inch, 21 inch and 30-inch throats.

A 16-inch throat size is sufficient for entry-level projects while 21-inch tools fit general purpose scroll sawing.

30-inch scroll saws are top-level models that suite complex expert projects.


Blade mounting is another important feature to evaluate.

Most modern models feature tool-less mounting which does not require you to mount or remove the blade making them easier to use.

Some feature tooled mounting which allows you to remove and replace the blade using a mounting tool.

Although such models can be time-consuming to work with, they are more stable.

When evaluating mounting, take note of the material used particularly for tool-less mounts as some are made of plastic.

The Work Table 

The scroll saw tool you select should have a smooth flat work table that will allow you to precisely curve intended scroll saw patterns.

Make sure the table offers no resistance.

Variable speed 

It is advisable to choose models with a variable speed control feature if you want a top-notch scroll saw art.

This is also ideal when working with other materials.

There are several other things to consider including scroll saw blades, scroll saw table tilt and hold down the foot, blade storage and price range among others.

Simply make sure the model is ideal for the task at hand.

What Is a Scroll Saw?

As mentioned, a scroll saw is basically a small saw used to curve and cut intricate wood patterns.

Scroll saws can be electric or pedal-operated and are also used to cut metals and other materials.

However, most people are familiar with cutting wood with a scroll saw.

It offers more delicate cuts when compared to power jigsaws and coping saw and produces results similar to a band saw although the latter uses continuous loop blades while scroll saws use reciprocating blades.

There are other minor differences in the scroll saw vs band saw comparison, but both offer delicate levels of cuts and can be used to curve sharp edges or even make interior cuts without a an entry point.

How To Use a Scroll Saw

Using a scroll saw is quite easy once you learn the basics and you can find beginner scroll saw patterns to start with.

How you use a scroll saw will depend on the specific outcome you are looking for especially since there are various scroll saw uses and applications.

Generally, cutting using a scroll saw requires you to bring the material (scroll saw wood, metal…) to the cutting table and gently pushing it to the blades.

Only apply gentle force to avoid breaking or dislodging the blades.

Small 2 blade projects may require a gentle push while complex 12 blade projects will generally suck in the material even without applying any force.

For beginners, you can find the downloadable scroll saw patterns or scroll saw plans that include step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish the assignment.

The internet is literally flooded with numerous scroll saw templates, project ideas, and patterns to explore.

With regular practice, you can quickly learn how to become an expert at the scroll saw woodworking.

Once you have hands on your favorite scroll saw project ideas, simply glue your easy scroll saw patterns on the material the old-fashioned way and start making those intricate cuts.


What Is a Scroll Saw Used For?

The things you can design using a scroll saw is obviously limited by your imagination and wood artists use the best scroll saws to produce outstanding woodwork with explicit detail.

From scroll saw Christmas ornaments to dovetail joints, scroll saws are practically the best tool for intricate projects.

Metal cutting scroll saw blades can be used to finish thicker intarsia and light metalwork while free printable scroll saw patterns will literally provide an opportunity to make anything you envision.

If you are just starting out with such tools, you can download easy scroll saw cross patterns and templates to begin your project.

The quality of the outcome partly depends on the tool you have and it is recommendable to find the best scroll saws you can possibly purchase.

There are some reputable brands like delta power tools and the Dewalt scroll saw, but any good quality tool will do the work.

What’s important is the level of skill you possess and this can only come from practice.

With more time spent learning and practicing, your scroll saw work will progressively become impressive and intricate.

The popular models range between $100 and $250 within which you will find all types of scroll saws for your projects including woodwork and metal cutting.

There are several scroll saw tools in the market and while finding one is not a problem, identifying offers that meet your needs can be a little overwhelming.

Here is a brief breakdown of the top 10 scroll saws you can try out:

Best 10 Scroll Saw Reviews

DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

Dewalt is one of the leading scroll saw manufacturers in the market and boast several high-end models like the Dewalt dw788 scroll saw.

This tool features a dual parallel-link arm design that significantly reduces vibrations making Dewalt 788 one of the most effective scroll saws for accurate cuts.

This also reduces noise together with the back arm-pivot that shortens movements.

Dewalt 788 scroll saw is also a tool-free design that allows you to quickly change blades.

Other features include a blade tensioning lever at the front upper arm, dust blower and variable speed.

Like most Dewalt scroll saws, dw788 is an electric tool with a flexible on/off switch and the arm lifts up to allow interior intricate cuts.

It is one of the top models on the Dewalt 20 scroll saw lines (with a 20-inch throat size).

You also get a hex wrench and Dewalt scroll saw blades in the box that features your scroll machine, and a 3-year warranty as well as a user manual.

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Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In scroll saw

From any Delta scroll saw review, you will learn that Delta power tools are yet another high-end brand that provides various top quality scroll saws for intarsia projects.

The Delta 40 694 scroll saw, much like other top models, features a dual parallel arm link for reducing vibration and cutting accuracy.

It is also an electric tool with a variable speed from 400 t0 1750 strokes per minute making it ideal for a wide array of applications.

The upper arm of Delta 40 694 can be lifted and locked in the raised position for swift blade changing or positioning.

Delta 40-694 is simply the best tool under the Delta variable speed scroll saw models and comes with a tool-free clamp that allows you to change blades within seconds.

This Delta 20 scroll saw is perfect for general purpose sawing needs and has a stable back-and-front anchoring base that further reduces arm movements.

Coming from a company with over 90 years of experience in the woodworking industry, Delta 20 inch scroll saw is one of best affordable scroll saws in the market and is offered with a 5-year limited warranty.

It is also very flexible and does not require much expertise to operate.

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Craftsman 16″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Craftsman 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw

The Craftsman 16 scroll saw is another versatile tool that allows you to curve intricate cuts on the hardwood, plastic, and even thin metal.

It is one of the popular models under the Craftsman scroll saws and features 16 inches of deep throat, a back-to-front base for stability and variable speed control from 400 to 1600 SPM.

The Craftsman 16 inch scroll saw can cut through two inches of thickness at 90 degrees and 1 inch of thickness at 45-degree tilts which is amazing.

It is definitely designed for experts and falls within the Craftsman professional scroll saw models.

It features a large cutting table made of cast iron, with a 45-degree tilt for bevel cutting, and comes together with a user manual and a warranty.

Craftsman variable speed scroll saw is very affordable when compared to competing products and features a blade wrench, black-end blades and four pins.

Any Craftsman 16 scroll saw review identifies it as one of the simple, yet very efficient scroll saw tool you can hope for.

Craftsman 16 variable speed scroll saw 21602 offers everything you could want in a powerful scroll saw at a reasonable price.

With its entry-level throat size, the 16 inch Craftsman scroll saw is definitely ideal for beginners, but also provides sufficient features for experts.

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Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

This stylish scroll saw is definitely worthy of the top 10 best scroll saws list and comes with some amazing features including a no-load variable speed of 550 to 1700 SPM.

With its solid cast iron construction and 0-45 degree table tilt, Shop Fox really made W1713 ideal for professional woodworking.

The design of this shop Fox machinery allows 16 inch maximum cutting width using plain and pin-less blades.

Most Shop Fox reviews identify W1713 as perfect for all-level projects as it accommodates both beginners and experts.

Like other Shop Fox woodworking machinery, it features a dust blower and port as well as gooseneck working light.

It supports both pin-end and plain blades which can be replaced within seconds thanks to the tool-free clamping system.

Shop Fox tools are quite renowned for elegance and the W1713 Shop Fox woodworking scroll saw will certainly spark new creativity.

Its aesthetic appeal compliments the efficiency and accuracy it portrays when cutting through extended wood width.

From most Shop Fox tools reviews, W1713 seems to be the best model.

It is also one of the cheapest Shop Fox woodworking tools, and comes with a 2 year warranty.

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WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Flexible LED Light

WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Flexible LED Light

WEN power tools feature often feature overwhelming integrations at incredibly cheap costs.

The 3920 WEN product, for instance, comes with all the necessary features you would want in a scroll saw, including a large cast iron table that tilts to 45 degrees for angled cuts, the foot-lock base for stability, a tool-free clamp for quick blade replacement and variable speed from 400 to 1600 strokes per minute.

Surprisingly, you get all this at a reasonable price and additional features like bi-directional blade position, flex light, dust port, air pump and on-board storage are also present.

It is one of the best scroll saws under WEN power tools.

Are WEN tools any good? Most people are surprised when they read any WEN tools review considering the feature diversity against the price and how affordable WEN products are compared to the competition.

Looking up WEN on Amazon will reveal scroll saws as cheap as $80 which is way lower than the standard price range of $150-$250 for general purpose scroll saws.

Nevertheless, WEN Industries is known to offer top quality products and most reviews are positive.

While the quality is not as impressive as that of Dewalt’s $400+ models, it certainly gets the work done and has the backing of a limited warranty.

The difference is that you can find various WEN deals and opportunities for a discount whenever you read through WEN power tools review, something not common with other brands.

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Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

Dremel Moto saw is one of the versatile scroll saws that equally functions as a coping saw with its detachable handheld accessory.

The Dremel scroll saw features variable speed for cutting different materials and a clamp base that attaches to various tables and benches.

Dremel ms20 Moto saw uses a quick-change auto tensioning mechanism that allows users of the Dremel Moto to achieve optimal blade tension and also change different accessories within seconds.

Like other Dremel scroll saws, MS20-01 has a dust port adapter that makes your workspace clean and also keeps your line of sight clear for accuracy.

It is one of the top affordable scroll saws in the market and features all the attributes known of Dremel Moto tools.

With that said the Dremel Moto-tool is ideal for beginners who want to exercise their creativity and has all the necessary features for curving out the various scroll saw patterns.

It is the first model under Dremel Moto saw ms20 and Dremel Moto saw scroll saw models.

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Rockwell RK7315 Shop Series 16-Inch Scroll Saw

Rockwell RK7315 Shop Series 16-Inch Scroll Saw

Those looking for efficient tools to add to their home workshop will find the Rockwell shop series Rockwell rk7315 quite a treasure.

This Rockwell scroll saw is very light making it portable and usable almost anywhere.

It features a cast iron table that levels from 0 to 45 degrees for accurate angled cutting and variable speeds for precision when using different materials.

It is one of the best models in Rockwell shop series review and includes a dust blower as well as a dust port to extract all the dust and keep your workspace clean.

Its double parallel arm and back-to-front base increase stability and accuracy by reducing arm movements and vibrations.

A tool-free design also allows quick replacement of blades and other accessories.

Rockwell scroll saw review reveals its use of 1.2 amp motor to provide 500-1700 strokes per minute that can cut through 2.5-inch thickness with ease and a 16-inch Throat size ideal for beginner scroll saw projects.

The box features your scroll saw, two blades, Allen keys, a blade holder and blade guard as well as a user manual.

Rockwell RK7315 is also quite affordable for a user-friendly scroll saw.

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RYOBI 16 in Corded Scroll Saw #SC165VS

RYOBI 16 in Corded Scroll Saw #SC165VS

RYOBI 16 scroll saw is yet another top quality affordable tool that can be used to produce intricate cut artistry woodwork.

The RYOBI scroll saw SC165VS features a tool-free clamp that uses both pin and plain (pin-less) blades changeable within seconds.

It has an integrated dust blower that keeps your cut line clean and electronic variable speed of 550 to 1600 strokes per minute that cuts through various scroll saw materials.

RYOBI 16 variable speed scroll saw is one of the top models under RYOBI scroll saws ideal for entry-level sawing needs and comes with a flat table that bevels to 45 degrees for versatility.

When compared to other brands within the price range, RYOBI 16 inch scroll saw performs relatively well as it harbors all the basic features needed to produce fine woodwork.

The RYOBI 16 inch variable speed scroll saw is also very easy to use.

With its 16-inch throat size, this scroll saw is ideal for entry-level to general purpose scroll sawing.

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PROXXON 37088 Scroll Saw DS 115/E

PROXXON 37088 Scroll Saw DS 115/E

While simple, the PROXXON scroll saw 37088 is quite versatile and very effective.

It is one of the creative designs from PROXXON that can be used to accomplish various scroll saw artistry works including intarsia, relief projects, model-building, precision mechanics and even toy/puzzle building.

This PROXXON tool is ideal for schools and learning centers not only because it is affordable, but also due to its unique features.

It has a solid rectangular base that supports two parallel arms for increased stability.

It also features integrated vacuum cleaner adapter and blower to keep your line-of-sight clean.

With an electronic variable speed of 150-2500 SPM, 37088 is definitely one of the best scroll saws provided by PROXXON tools.

It can be used to cut hardwood, plastic and circuit boards among other non-ferrous materials under its 12-inch throat size.

PROXXON scroll saw review also reveals its use of a patented head design that can be locked to three different positions and has a solid cast iron structure suitable for all small-scale projects.

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HEGNER 22″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw

HEGNER 22inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

This is one of the highly precise scroll saw tools in the market and comes with some high-end features only found in the best quality scroll saws.

The HEGNER scroll saw 22 features a large 22-inch capacity that can accomplish virtually all your scroll saw artistry woodwork projects with swift variable speed (400-1700 SPM) functionality.

It features a flexible quick-lock blade tensioning mechanism that makes interior cuts and fretwork very easy to achieve.

As characteristic of HEGNER scroll saws, this tool uses a slot tilt-table and comes with a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty that protects you against any defects.

It was chosen as one of the leading tools for “Ideal Shop” by the Bette-Homes-&-Gardens WOOD Magazine.

Coming at a higher-end price, HEGNER saw 22-inch scroll saw is ideally the best tool within its category and has all the features to produce a precise quality outcome.

Besides woodwork, it can also be used with other non-ferrous materials.

We recommend only investing in this particular scroll saw if you are experienced with scroll saws and will regularly require the use of one for years to come, to make the purchase worthwhile.

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Best Scroll Saws – Conclusion

There are several other brands and models that are reliable and sturdy for the task at hand.

Scroll sawing requires expertise and practice if you are to achieve exceptional artistry and having the best scroll saw tool does not necessarily mean you will get what you need unless of course, you know how to effectively handle and use your machine.

Above are some of the leading models that can give you a reliable working experience and a quality result.

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