Best Crown Molding Jigs Review

When it comes to redecorating a house various minute details have to be taken care of. Everything from decking, flooring to even corners and cornices of the room are to be noticed. Most of the people do not pay quite an attention to the corners of the room during refurbishing, neglecting them for being not so important. However, the overall “look” of the room is decided by how well the corners are fitted or decorated in the room. Many of the eminent architects suggest on creating crown molding for elegant look of the house.

Crown Molding jig
Crown Molding jig

Crown molding should not be confused with molding. Molding is a general term for any type of trim in the house. However, crown molding refers to the molding of ceiling particularly the spot where the wall and ceiling intersect. It trims the shape of the intersection. These are also added to the corners of doors and cabinets. Earlier, crown molding was installed so as to cover the gaps between the walls and ceilings. It dates back to ancient Greece where craftsmen installed crown moldings in order to enhance the beauty of the room.

With advancing age, it became a decorative element in the interiors of a house. Crown molding has now become an integral part of the millwork. The wooden frames are cut into definite shapes and sizes and installed into the house. The stock widths of the crown molding ranges from 1-1/2 inches to 7-1/2 inches. The crown molding surely has some benefits, such as:

Crown Molding Benefits

  1. Crown molding frames the room

A proper shape of the room is required to be maintained while refurbishing the house. Often, this work is done by wallpapers or paints but crown molding plays a huge impact in framing the room. The symmetrical ceiling can be accompanied with various decorative elements in enhancing the interior of the room.

  1. It adds an aesthetic appeal

A wooden ceiling caters an aesthetic look to the room. It can transform a room from bland to beautiful in minutes. The unique intricacies of the ceiling makes the room look lavish.

  1. It covers the gaps

The prime function of a crown molding is covering the gap between wall and ceiling. The edges of the room look imperfect if left without crown molding. Installing a wooden crown molding fills the void as well as enhances the quality of the house interior.

Use of Crown Molding

Looking at the increasing interest of architects and interior designers in the crown molding various types of installation can be done. For example:

  1. Distinguished dentils.
  2. Classical casting.
  3. Bead and curve.
  4. Leafy look.
  5. Double bead.
  6. Ornamental ovolo.
  7. Stair steps.
  8. Graceful garland.
  9. Deco facets.
  10. Rope Border. And so on.

For any kind of crown molding to look impeccable it has to be installed carefully and created with good finishing. The type and quality of wood plays an important role. A variety of hardwoods such as ash, oak and walnut are used in creating a crown molding. Secondly, the cutting of the wood should be done with absolute perfection. This meticulous action requires an experienced individual. However, this can be performed at home easily with the help of a good crown molding jig. These jigs are specially designed to help you in cutting the wood intricately. There are various crown molding jigs available today with the increasing trend of DIY. The price can range from low to high depending on the brand and type of jig being used. Usually, a jig is selected based on the type of crown molding design you are thinking of installing.

Best Crown Molding Jigs Review

Some of the best crown molding jigs are mentioned below to help you in selecting the right one for your purpose:

Bench Dog 10-027 Crown Molding Cutting Jig

One of the most popular crown molding jigs. Bench Dog is the safest jig available in the market. It eliminates trial and error and performs the function accurately. A size of 10” fits smaller to larger miter saws. The polymer body helps in making it a durable device. An “upside down and backwards” cutting method should be employed while working on the instrument. The upside down cutting helps in visualizing the miter saw table as ceiling and miter saw fence as wall. You can make around 4 cuts with help of this device like the 90 degrees inside corner cut, 90 degree outside corner cut, the right over left splice joints cut, and the left over right splice joints cut. The jig comes with cutting instructions so as to help you in cutting operations. The product also comes with a lifelong warranty and is available at $27.99.

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Kreg KMA2800 Pro Crown Molding Tool

Another great device in the league of crown molding tools this device is easy to use for inside and outside corners and one of the safest devices available in the market. It works well with a crown molding up to 5-1/2” that is, 138 mm wide. It entirely eliminates the need for compound cuts as well as coping of joints. The compact and curved design of the device helps in matching any spring angle as well as suitable for most of the miter saws. An angle finder is also included for accurate cutting of the crown. A solid rubber feet foundation provides a rock support to the device. The base can be locked in any spring angle between 30 to 60 degrees. This versatile device also comes with an additional instruction manual to guide you in trimming. It is available at $27.94.

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Milescraft 1405 Crown Molding Jig for Miter Saws

The Milescraft crown molding jig provides you with innovative “cut it the way you see it” orientation thus eliminating the upside down cutting. Its cutting ranges from 0.2 to 5-1/2. An angle finder is also provided with the device which helps in finding the right angle for cutting. It is mostly suitable for special dentil style detailed molding. The collapsible design of the device takes up less storage area and can be carried easily around due to its lightweight. It can be operated with a wide range of miter saws. The product comes with the price of $24.73.

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Speed Cope Crown Molding Jig by Rockler

This product is one of the easiest tools for crown molding. The device comes with a DVD which explains the crown molding cutting operations along with the installation. The tricky cope cuts are made easy by this device. It can be adjusted for flat miters, base, chair and panel molding. It only requires a power jigsaw for use. The device can get heavy for beginners and is slight expensive than the others available in the market. It is priced at $159.99.

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Bosch MS1233 Crown Stop Kit

This tool is suitable if you already have a Bosch miter saw. It allows crown molding to be nested against fence for simper miter cuts. The kit comes with crown stops, mounting knobs and hardware. The jig is however, not easy to use like others but provides a definite crown molding when used properly. It can also fit Hitachi and Ryobi units. It is light in weight and comes at price of only $13.99.

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General Tools 881 E-Z Pro Crown King Molding Jig with Protractor

This tool from the General Tools eliminates trial and error thus saving time and providing accurate results. It also eliminates coping of joints and compound angle cutting making it easy to handle for beginners. You will get an angle finder with kit that easily shows you the exact angle of inside and outside corners. It is a professional device and perfectly cuts interior and exterior corner joints. The device can be operated at multiple angles ranging from 45 degrees to 52 and even 38 degrees. The Crown king includes two pieces that is, the jig and a versatile insert or adapter. Without the insert, the jig is positioned for 45 degrees cutting angle. It is one of the safest and most reproducible crown molding jigs with a price of $18.88.

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