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Green copper is frequently used to treat  wood when it is at risk from fungal spores and insect attack. This is particularly true where wood is outdoors and subject to the elements. There is no such thing as a truly rot resistant wood, so preservatives especially green copper have been used for years to protect it. Beyond the availability of wood rot, we have access to types of wood preservative which can be painted or sprayed directly onto a timber structure after construction. However, depending on the building design and its positioning, it’s often better to buy wood that has been treated before being used for assembly or putting into the ground as poles or posts.

New Wood Treatments

To fight against fungus and insects wood merchants turned to copper-based preservatives. For many years ,they used a compound called CCA. Copper was the main agent used in this mixture to kill the fungus, with arsenic added as an insecticide and a secondary fungicide. Chromium was incorporated to ‘fix’ the compound to the wood tissue and stop all three leaching into the soil over time. Copper gave the treated wood a green color, leading to it being called
green copper treatment.
With the discovery that, despite the ‘fixing’, arsenic did eventually find its way into the soil, changes had to be made to the composition of green copper treatments.
The Wolmanized brand now primarily uses a different copper compound called Copper Azole, which contains a non-arsenic insecticide. This is deemed safe and is in common use throughout the U.S. for garden and home applications. The wood still has the same green coloration and  can be used with any kind of wood finishes.
Some Wolmanized wood is still treated with CCA, particularly for poles in fields and timber that might be subjected to extreme damp or attack from termites.

Tips on Pressure treated wood

To ensure the greatest efficiency from the preservative, wood is pressure treated. During the process, the timber is sealed in a tank and all the air is extracted to create a vacuum. The green copper solution is pumped into the tank and because of the vacuum, it’s absorbed deep into the wood. The oxides in the solution react with the wood fibers to ‘fix’ the preservative and prevent it seeping into the soil.
Can you stain or paint Treated Wood
Staining treated wood may not be possible for a few months to allow the wood to dry completely. To check if it is ready, sprinkle a few drops of water onto the surface. If the water is absorbed into the wood, you can either stain or paint the wood immediately.
Staining pressure treated wood can normally be done within a few days of completing the building work of your moulding and millwork because it is often dried before sale.

How to use green copper

Using green copper for pressure treated wood has many advantages but there are different grades available. The amount of preservative used and the depth it was forced into the wood greatly affect its application. Check whether the timber says, if it’s suitable for above or below ground use before buying it. By using the correct wood preservative, the wood will last many years.

Best products review

Green Products Cb 1 1 Gallon Copper-Green® Brown Wood Preservative (Pack of 4)


Best wood additive left available. I seek it stays around after a while. Beyond any doubt it notices terrible for a couple days, however ,I've been working whit it for a decent time now and it is functioning just fine - as promoted,working better than the other kind of choices, you have to believe me. it works better if you can go deeper into the wood. It is not really ecologic but rather nor are Tree Farms or replacing wooden structures rashly because of rot or woodworm damage...It is particularly essential to get it into the final grain of it if conceivable. Placed some into a little basin and stick the finishes of the sheets in for a few minutes before you introduce them. for sure insects are going to hate it. They are not going to be near for long time.Be careful to manage it near a pond or a lake,a not big amount can kill it . Simply utilize it mindfully and there shouldn't be any issue. It won't filter out of the wood scarcely at all once its in there. From what I can get some answers concerning the dynamic fixing it has low to no harmfulness to people. It's been being used more than 100 yrs, esp.with wooden water crafts, under various brands, however, this is the one and only I can discover any longer and it's just about a large portion of the quality of those removed the business sector in the last 3 or 4 years.

Woodlife 01902 Copper Coat Green Wood Preservative, 5-Gallon Pail

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Simple to use with the consistency being somewhat more thick than water. Promptly consumed by wood. End cut fixing ingests this right away. I like to utilize it in a second coat or plunge for additional fixing for at or subterranean contact. I utilized this additive on all the wood cuts of treated deck outline that I hope can endure plenty of years.

I put it on liberally on some outside weight treated wood framing after it dried for 15 days outside in my yard then I painted it over with outdoor paint that i bought at Amazon

just a precaution : it smells awful for a while. I'm not certain if the exhaust is hurtful or not.I have to work quite far from my home, so the odor cannot get inside. It simply irritated me, yet if you don't have problems with it ,you shouldn't have any issue.

Green Products Cb Spray 14 Oz Copper-Green® Brown Wood Preservative Spray (Pack of 12)

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Now it is so difficult to find copper naphtha products, I think we should feel happy that Green dodge successfully the ball so far. Higher percentage of copper is a thing of the past, so we tried it. The green copper is giving good results, but the green shade stays for long time. We utilized it on a little fence that encompasses our water pump, with posts in soggy earth. The Copper Brown ingests rapidly into the wood at the base of the posts. It is better to keep it away from other wooden constructions at home. Its smells when working with it, but it did not last after apply it.  I am amazed at how this product is introduced into the timber. It absorbs about 10 centimeters in about a month. The wood becomes dark brown that later get a lighter shade. The oil prevents water to get the wood edge.

Green Products Co. 30001 Copper Green Wood Preservative, 1-Gallon

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Presently this stuff is solid, and get the work done, in any case, it’s dangerous as can be, avoid to keep it around unaware people, treat your wood outdoor and wait until dried, keep the wood unexposed to straight sunlight too warm spaces, wait for 72 hours for the vapors dissipate, and make sure to protect your eyes and hand. Made an awesome job with a wooden wall. The wood was entirely green at the beginning, yet currently is almost normal color. The lumber is stopping the moisture. Follow the instructions and plunge the wood in the product, but be careful to don’t splash yourself with it when doing it. The product is the kind of thing that you are going to use when you don’t want insects and moisture near your fence posts or ground contact items particularly at cut finishes. It will recolor paint, so watchful where you keep it, and standard latex won't cover it, however that is only a note of reference, not a real problem.

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