Best Brush for Staining Wood 2024

Welcome to our article about the best brushes for staining wood! A bit further down, you’ll find out top 8 brushes and what makes each one good for the job. But first, let’s discuss why you might want to invest in a proper brush to begin with.

Best Brush For Staining Wood – Introduction

Staining Wood is the most common and significant step towards the finishing of any furniture. Staining of wood may change its color or appearance but it maintains its natural characteristics. Hence, it is an important step to make wood look natural.

Though it is easy to do it, one needs a perfect brush to finish this step perfectly.

There are plenty of brushes in the market for staining wood. Hence it is important to know about the brushes and the points that needs to keep in mind while buying the brush.

Also, it is important to know of what are the best brushes to do you staining work very smoothly and efficiently.

For this, here is the best guide and review of the product to make easy for your choice of best brush for staining wood. This list explains top eight brushes for staining wood used for staining wood and the qualities it comprises. Look here for the best reviews!

Best Brush For Staining Wood

Using a brush while staining the wood

Brushes are considered as the best option to use while staining the wood. It can hold a good amount of paint or stain without dripping. Also, brushes are ideal for staining because they can stain quickly with full coverage.

It is the easiest way to stain the woods within some time and works efficiently.

The only issue that can arise is that it may leave the impressions of the bristles of brush on wood. But it is not a big deal because this is in hands of the worker.

The 8 Best Brushes for Staining Wood Are:

S.NOBest Brush For Staining WoodProduct Link
1Perdura Deck BossBuy Now
2Wooster Bravo StainerBuy Now
3Perdura Rapid StainBuy Now
4Linzer Project SelectBuy Now
5Wooster Brush Shortcut Angle SashBuy Now
6Perdura Duet Sash Trim Paint Brush Twin PackBuy Now
7Presa Premium Paint Brush SetBuy Now
8Loew – Cornell Foam Brush SetBuy Now

Detailed Reviews of the Best Brushed for Staining Wood

Perdura Deck Boss

If you have many woods or furniture to stain, you might be worried about how long it will take to complete. However, Perdura has offered its brush naming Perdura Deck Boss brush that stains, paint or seal the wood much more quickly than any other product could do.

Its 7 inches deck brush stains faster and better. With only one stroke, you can stain within the cracks and defective parts of the wood.

Its fast – clear design, maximum lifespan and perfect finish make it valuable to stain wood. Thus this product is mostly used by professionals for perfect finish work.

Its ranking is no. 1 in the market and thus saves time and last longer than any other product.

This brush is durable and perfect for staining. While staining, it does not leave behind any wool or foam and works efficiently.

This brush works both with oil-based paint/stain or water-based paint/stain.

It works on every kind of surfaces, whether it is rough or smooth surface.

The only complaint about this product is that it does not have pole extension and cannot be suitable for heavier construction.

However, this brush is considered the best choice for staining wood as it gives a guarantee assurance by Perdura itself.

Perdura Deck Boss brush for staining wood

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  • Size of the brush – 7 inches
  • Applies Faster
  • Saves Time
  • Perfect for every kind of surfaces (smooth or rough)
  • Used by professionals
  • No wool or foam left behind
  • Lasts Longer
  • Works with oil / water – based paint, stains or sealers
  • Pole extension not included
  • Heavier construction is not as suitable for handheld needs

Wooster Bravo Stainer

The Wooster Bravo Stainer brush is perfect brush for staining wood for it comes into different sizes, starting from 4 inches.

It is known for its best result without any oil-based wood stain or sealer. Hence, it is considered as one of the best brushes in the market for staining wood.

This brush has a squared construction and its white China bristle covers wider area while staining the wood.

It spreads and stains evenly and smoothly. This brush is highly sturdy and thus can be used for thicker and rougher woods.

It is a multi – purpose brush and used for applying stains, wood conditioner or acrylics. It holds up a plenty of stain and works smoothly.

The bristles of this brush do not shed while working and hence lasts longer than any other product.

Wooster Bravo Stainer Brush

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  • Size of the brush – 4 inches
  • Soaks up plenty of stain and holds it
  • Removable handle
  • Bristles won’t shed while working
  • Also good for wood conditioner
  • Can seem a little worrisome because the handle unscrews


Perdura Rapid Stain

Perdura is known for its efficient and versatile products.

Like other ones, this Perdura Rapid Stain brush is one of the best brushes to stain wood. This brush is five – inches wide and covers maximum area to stain the wood.

It works both with oil-based stains and water-based stains. Its wooden handle as well as high quality brushes helps you to stain smoothly and perfectly without any difficulties. Since Perdura is known for its professional products, the bristles of this brush hold the stain well without dripping.

It evenly spreads stain and gives high – quality results. The bristles of this brush does not fall easily and hence makes it much durable than any other brush. It is also to use and assemble it. Perdura’s guarantee gives you assurance for best quality brush.

The brush does not have any major complaints. The handle of this brush is removable and thus can be used as a hand tool.

The only complaint with this is that you need to buy a steel comb in order to clean the brush and the removable handle may become loose.

Other than that, this brush is excellent and perfect for staining wood.

Perdura Rapid Stain Brush

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  • Size of the brush – 5 inches
  • Used by professionals
  • Durable Bristles
  • Easy to Care for
  • No Cleaning Comb Included
  • Removable handle may become loose
  • Wood handle may stain easily


Linzer Project Select

Though this Linzer Project Select brush may not be professional like above Pedura product, but it fits in budget.

If anyone wants a wide brush in affordable price then this Linzer Project Select brush is the best. Forget about its simple look, it is the choice of many people due to its appropriate usage of staining wood. This is a multi-purpose brush that is about six – inches wide and one – inches thick.

It can be used both to stain woods as well as to paint anything. While the bristles are made up of polyester, the handle is made up of molded plastic. The handle is used as an extension pole with accordance to ones need. The flexibility of the brush stains the broader woods and decks.

But bristles fall out easily and it may cause splatter. Also, the bristles are less durable than the products mentioned above.

In comparison to other brushes, it may be not the best option since it is not suitable for large projects. However, this brush is affordable and good for multi-purpose work.

Linzer Project Select Wood Staining Brush

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  • Size of the brush – 6 inches
  • Affordable and Wide
  • Removable Plastic Handle
  • Flexible Bristles for Detailed Work
  • Plastic handle with threaded grip for extension pole use
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • Bristles Fall our easily
  • Flexible Bristles May cause Splatter
  • Less Durable than High – End Brushes


Wooster Brush Shortcut Angle Sash

Wooster is one of the most trustworthy brands since 1800s.

Wooster has offered a Wooster Brush Shortcut Angle Sash Brush which is good for staining wood.

Though the brush’s size is a bit small, its handle is what makes it useful for small places.

This brush is best for those places where it is hard to reach, such as small corners. Blend of nylon and gold polyester, this brush is appropriate for stains and paints. Its handle is much better due to its flexibility. It is easy to clean and store this brush.

But due to its flexibility, it takes time to get used to it.

This brush is best for any kind of finishing projects or any touch-ups.

Wooster Brush Shortcut Angle Sash

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  • Size of the brush – 2 inches
  • Flexible and Maneuverable
  • Great for details
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Brass – Plated steel ferrule
  • Not a good fit for large hands
  • Steep learning curve
  • Bristles may come out easily


Perdura Duet Sash Trim Paint Brush Twin Pack

As I have already said, Perdura is a well – known brand for staining brushes.

This brush is perfect for staining and named as Perdura Duet Sash Trim Paint Brush (Twin Pack). Their brushes are comes in sets named Pedura’s Pro Series.

These brushes are specifically designed for detailed work and trim.

These brushes are made up of high – quality materials and have beautiful designs just like other Pedura brushes. Though these brushes are excellent for detailed work, it is not suitable for tight spaces.

But still, these brushes are considered as one of the best brushes due to its easy to use and clean method.

Perdura Duet Sash Trim Paint Brush Twin Pack

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  • Size of the brush – 2 inches
  • Professional quality brushes
  • Attractive, protective packaging
  • Easy to use, clean and care for
  • Can also be used for acrylics
  • Wooden handle may stain
  • Only come as a set
  • Handles are not flexible


Presa Premium Paint Brush Set

This Presa Premium Paint Brush set is best to increase productivity.

With this brush, you can work much faster due to its great ability to hold thirty percent more paint than any other normal brush.

Its premium brush gives more precision to the work and stains the wood smoothly. Another quality of this brush is that it is heavy-duty, means that it can work on abrasive surfaces and more.

The filaments of the brush are easy to handle and easy to clean. Plus this brush is more durable and thus this brush can be reused many times as necessary.

This brush is not much expensive and works nicely. However, its bristles may separate while working and loading the paint.

Presa Premium Paint Brush Set

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  • Size of the brush – 1 – 3 inches
  • Five brushes/sizes available
  • Inexpensive for how many brushes you receive
  • Beautiful, Lightwood grain color that looks professional
  • Holds up to thirty percent more paint or stain
  • Heavy-duty: withstand both hard and soft surfaces
  • Can be reused many times
  • Bristles can separate when loaded with paint
  • Can be hard to determine appropriate brush size


Loew – Cornell Foam Brush Set

This Loew – Cornell Foam brush set is appropriate for working on any task because it comes in a set of total twenty different brushes.

All brushes are about 2 – inches and have a wood handle. Though they are mainly used for acrylic use and craft painting, it can also be used for staining wood boards and much more.

This brush is not much expensive and disposable at the same time.

Its small handle and the perfect brush make it appropriate to use in tight places and corners.

It soaks up plenty of paint or varnish and hence can stain smoothly.

Loew – Cornell Foam Brush Set

Check Price On Amazon

  • Size of the brush – 2 inches
  • Disposable
  • Inexpensive brush set
  •  Small handle and brush, perfect for tight and small spaces
  • Foam/sponge soaks up plenty of varnish
  • Wood handle makes it convenient to hold
  • For use of acrylics and staining wood
  • Does not last long and could not be used more than once or twice.
  • Let sit for a few days before use


Overall Review and Guide for Buyer

If you know that you need to stain the wood, then the first step to use a right and appropriate brush to do this work. Though it may sound easy to stain, but if you have chosen any ordinary brush for staining, then it may cause a trouble for you.

Hence, to choose the correct brush for staining is also an important step towards perfect wood staining.

The above article has explained top eight brush (or brush set) that you may use as per your necessities. This list is useful because in this marketing and consumer era, it is sometimes difficult to choose the correct thing for your work among hundreds of options.

While market is full of products, this list will help you to choose according to you budget, needs and qualities of brushes.

Also, it is better to know about the product qualities before buying anything and hence this article not only gives you the list for top eight brushes but also tells you their pros and cons.

Though the technology of making brush did not change much, however, there are innovations in it that cannot be neglected. The article is thus evident to show that Perdura’s brushes are much better than other product due to their durability and other qualities.

Regardless of your wood, the above list of brushes will give best results in staining wood.

Best Brush For Staining Wood – Conclusion

Now that you know about the qualities of brushes that you need to consider while buying it, it will surely help you in choosing the correct brush as per your needs.