Paint Thinner

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 Top important things to know about paint thinners

Paint thinner is an important item to work with some kind of paints, to add color to a wood product is an ideal medium for adding beauty and individuality to your house, room or furniture, and protecting them from damage and the elements.

Paint comes in two basic forms: water-based and oil-based. Each has different properties and they should never be mixed. Mixing water into wet oil-based paint thinner will ruin it and a petroleum thinner will do the same to a water-based paint. Water-based paints are normally for indoor use, while those oil-based are more suitable for outdoors and to paint treated wood.
Water-based paints are easily thinned by adding water and the brushes can be cleaned with water, so we’re going to discuss oil-based paints in which you are going to need the use of a paint thinner.

How to use paint thinners

There are two paint thinners commonly used for oil-based paint thinners: mineral spirits and paint thinner. Both are petroleum based and can be used for thinning and cleaning. Paint thinner is cheaper, which makes it more economical for cleaning brushes.

If paint is applied too thickly it may dry to leave lumps or an orange peel effect. To counter this you can thin your paints to get the correct consistency. Always add small amounts of thinner at a time. Mix thoroughly and paint a test surface to check if you need more. Paint feels thicker when it is cold, so only thin paint when it’s at room temperature.

Use gloves and appropriate protective clothing when using oil-based products as they can cause skin irritation and only use them in a well-ventilated area to avoid the fumes causing headaches or nausea.


Best way to clean Brushes wjth paint thinner


If you are just taking a short break from painting you do not need to clean your brushes, instead simply remove the excess paint and wrap them in cling film or put them in an airtight plastic bag.

If you have used wood finishes and then paint your wood the break will last more than a day, so you need to clean the brushes properly to prevent them drying solid.

First, scrape off as much surplus paint as possible. Line up three containers that will not be affected by the thinners – some plastics may melt. Pour thinners into each of the containers. Rinse most of the paint off in the first container; wipe the brushes on some old newspaper. Repeat the process in the second container, pressing the brushes down to allow the thinners to penetrate the bristles. The brushes should be nearly clean. After blotting them again, rinse them in the last container after which you should have clean paint brushes.

Disposal of paint and thinners Tips

Each year in the U.S., 64 million gallons of paint are thrown away. Oil-based paints are considered a Hazardous Household Waste (HHW).

Disposing of paint down a drain can cause serious environmental damage, so all oil-based paints and thinners must be taken to a disposal facility that accepts HHW. Environmental agencies and the Internet can advise on where you can safely dispose of paint and thinners. The same applies to paint can disposal.

By following these simple guidelines you can enjoy the results of your work while safeguarding our environment.


Klean-Strip CKPT94402 Paint Thinner, 5-Gallon

Great Stuff!!! Simply Phenomenal!! Ensure you wear sleeved, thick, gloves on before utilization!! Assume that you are going to get a serious substance smolder in case that you don’t utilize the gloves. Works extraordinary. I’m presently utilizing this paint thinner to expel paint off the edge, hub and so on my truck, and there’s a genuinely thick layer of paint on them. I fundamentally brush this remover on 2-3 times relying upon access (putty blades, wire brushes, clothes). I “complete” every zone up with veneer more slender. I’m almost finished with the zone under the bed , and I’ve just utilized around 25% of the container. I don’t have the advantage of impacting; however this work isn’t that terrible. Wear a decent respirator, gloves and goggles. In the event that you get any of this on your skin………trust me……….it won’t be a mystery. Additionally any brushes you use to apply this on will be rubbish. So have a couple cheap paint brushes available. Apply in one course as it  to get an even result.

BLUE BEAR Paint & Urethane Stripper 1 Quart

This stuff is marvelous. I imagined, hey simply figure out how good Peel Away should function! , I acquired this paint thinner online imagining that it would be significantly more capable and work speedier than this thing, I was so wrong the peel away didn’t do anything, so I just get rid of the peel away and apply  the Soy Gel and I was amazed that just suck so many layers of paint in just one use. I am working in the very old floor of my house with many years of paint. I absolutely understand that any of these products that we utilize is going to require some time and work but this stripper is superior to any other available in the market. It’s quite astonishing – having worked with other paint strippers that had that strong substance smell that make scared about working with it, this product has achieved something that seemed almost impossible. I have purchase another batch for my future woodworking project like posts millwork and brackets. As usual is better to be aware and use some protective gear like gloves eye protection, etc.

VM&P Naphtha, Quart

Acts as expected. I bought this paint thinner for cleaning  my old outdoor furniture that was quite ugly after many years of exposure to the rough weather. According to the information that I got online I felt safe to use it, of course with some precautions, when working with it(wearing thick gloves and breathing protection).it did the trick for me.As I don’t use it very often I would love that it would be available in smaller size, and I don’t know if there is some shelve time advised. Some people said that anyone that work with paint should think about to use this product. As mentioned before with due precautions there is no problem working with it.Great quality item, a friend of main that have adhesive on his deck has used this thing to remove it properly , without damaging the furniture. He told me that it is a really good quality product and he will buy it again to thinning off stain that he uses for his projects. I would probably buy it if have new issues with paint at home.

Winsor & Newton Oil & Alkyd Solvents Sansodor low odor paint thinner liter

I would select this kind of paint thinner rather than utilizing simply water to thin water thinners oil paints. I think that water mixable oils are fundamentally oil paints that you can wash with cleanser and water. It’s really odorless as promoted and in that sense is quite superior than the alternatives available in the market, I like the fact that seems a little thicker than other solvent and it seems to me that is more effective. This product is a “low sweet-smelling hydrocarbon dis solvable” that contains “petroleum distillates.”  As said before Sansodor is odorless , however ought to be utilized in a ventilated space at all times. This solvent is as toxic as any minerals spirit, so don’t be misled for the fact that lack of smell. Odorless mineral spirit evaporates completely  and for that reason  ,releases  harmful fumes so ,always use protection mask when working with it, as you were using any kind of strong chemical. I have read that turpentine is 3 times more dangerous and has higher evaporation time than Sansodor, which is another reason to use this product. The last bit of advice is that you should store it at cool temperature because its volatility.